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Last Tuesday Marissa Meyer visited the Netherlands! We bought tickets back in November I think, so I (Isabelle) am ashamed to admit I kinda forgot about this haha. But you can possibly imagine how happy I was when I realised this event took place AND we already got tickets haha. The event was sold out so I’m happy we got our tickets on time.


The event started off with an interview with Marissa. She’s such a nice person and it was really fun listening to her. When we arrived we all got a paper bracelet with a number on it and a rafflecopter ticket. The number on the bracelet told you when you could go downstairs for the signing. I thought that was really well organised. The rafflecopter tickets were for a small lottery, some of the prices were to be the first one at the signing, a signed piece of fan art, and some books from the Dutch publisher. It was a fun little addition to the event. The signing went pretty quickly, and Marissa was so sweet. Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of time to talk to her but they did have someone to take a picture of you. This also ensured it all went smoothly.

Not my best picture ever, but okay haha.

There were also some shops were you could buy some merchandise. One shop I had heard off but hadn’t really seen anything off was ProudBookJunkie. I was pleasantly surprised by her mini candles and obviously couldn’t resist buying anything. The first thing I knew I had to have was this set of Marauders Map candles. They smell wonderful, love the label and all of their candles have a cute little hanger on them. These said ‘I solemnly swear’ and ‘Mischief Managed’.

They also had a deal for 3 candles so I went with these cuties; Quidditch (with a tiny broom attached), The Sorting Hat (with a little hat), en Hogwarts Express (with a mini train). I adore these small candles, as I can buy more of them haha. I usually don’t burn them anyway so I don’t mind their size. And since I have so so many candles and not so much space these are perfect!


I was really excited for this event. The Lunar Chronicles is one of my favorite fantasy series. I read them right after another (I was a little late to the game, so I had them all at once, haha). There was a fun interview with Marissa Meyer. It was amazing to hear how fast The Lunar Chronicles were bought to be published. She told us about the adventures she’s had and that she never reads her own books. Not if she doesn’t have to anyways. If she could only read one of her books for the rest of her life she would read Heartless. Even though she doesn’t really reread very often. Harry Potter was one of the few things she’s read more than once. Having an overactive imaginiation is something she’s always had and uses often. After the second book in the Renegades duology is published, she doesn’t have anything else planned, but does have three new ideas going around in her mind. So we won’t have to worry about her not writing anymore. She’s really friendly and seems so down to earth. Her husband was with her on the trip and it was cute when she would look at him while answering questions.


When we arrived we got a pink bracelet with a number. This was the number you had for the signing. I thought this was a really good idea. We were brought down in groups of 25. This was nice. It wasn’t a race to get in line to sign and it kept the area peaceful. The only thing I thought kind of sucked was that they decided shortly before the event that she would sign three books. Only one would get your name though. I would’ve rather only had the two books (seeing how most of us only had two books with us) and both of them with my name in it. All in all though, still a nice night. There were a couple of bookish goodies stands. I bought the same candles Isabelle did. They’re so cute and smell amazing!

It was a really nice evening! Another author we can check off on our list. What authors do you dream of meeting?

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  1. I’d love to get the chance of meeting Ransom Riggs, he seems like a really interesting person to chat with.

      1. I know ? I sadly missed it at that time. I have a little bit of hope that he will return once he releases his new book ?

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