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Last year I read One Night to Fall, the first Kinney book the author gave us. I loved this book and read it in one sitting. I was given the opportuinty to be on Kelsey Kingsley’s ARC team and am very grateful for this. This gave me the chance to read and review To Fall For Winter. Today I’m here to tell you guys what I thought of this book. Was Kelsey Kingsley able to write another amazing book?


Title: To Fall for Winter

Series: The Kinney Brothers #2

Author: Kelsey Kingsley

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Release: March 19, 2018



“You think I’m ready to ruin you forever?”

“Oh, Ireland… You’ve already ruined me forever.”

I’ve been called the Black Sheep. Troublemaker. And probably a dozen other words that are nowhere near that nice. My past is checkered. Full of questionable choices and even worse outcomes. But I’ve put it behind me. I’m on the straight and narrow now.

For two years, I’ve towed the line. Stayed out of trouble. Kept my head above water. And have not made even one reckless decision.

But then Snow came to River Canyon on the first day of winter.

Inked, pierced, and unafraid of speaking her mind, and going after what she wants, she made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Together, I knew we would make a mess.

I just couldn’t keep myself from getting dirty.


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Cover I already thought this cover was beautiful. After reading the whole book though, the cover has so much more meaning. It’s really touching and Kelsey Kingsley seemed to have think this one through.

“I knew from the moment she walked in that she would be trouble, and that comment was all the clarification I needed.”

Plot I was afraid after One Night to Fall, that the next brother wouldn’t have a love story that beat Patrick’s epic love story. Thankfully I was very wrong. Kelsey Kingsley did it again. Her writing sucked me right into the story and I read the whole book in one sitting. Ryan and Snow are kind of the black sheep of the family. Ryan is really trying to find his way after his last break up. I mean, I don’t think it was easy to go to his parents and admit he needed help. From the moment Snow accidentally walks into the vet’s office Ryan works it, you can feel the connection there. While this is something that normally irritates me in a back, Kelsey made this connection feel very natural. Ryan even admitted a few times that the red flags were going off in his head. This made it seem a little more natural. Through humor, sadness, love and romance, we saw Snow and Ryan grow together. They were what the other needed without even realizing it at first. Ryan has an amazing family that welcomes almost all with open arms and I could feel this while reading the book. I wouldn’t mind being a part of their family. It was also nice to get a peek in Patrick and Kinsey’s life after their book. Kelsey Kingsley has a beautiful way with words. Her comparisons to a Snow and Winter fit perfectly. She described her in her own unique way. Not many authors can do that like she can. The only issue I had was that there were no chapters from Snow’s POV. I think it would’ve given us just a bit more insight on how she thinks and feels.

“She was spontaneity. She was unpredictability. She was winter. She was mine.”

Characters: Ryan is the wild one of the family and sees himself as a disappointment. After his relationship with Cheryl fails, he’s not sure what to do. His parents help him on his feet and he enjoys his job as a groomer for a vet. His passion is for drawing though and he seems really good at it. I love how Ryan grows in this book. He starts off as seeing himself as nothing, but in the end he finally goes for what he really wants. He realizes he is not a disappointment and that his parents only want to see him happy. It was nice to see that the male character had the cats instead of the female. That was so cute. He is a real family man, who keeps an eye on his grandma as well. Definitely another one for the book boyfriend list.

“It was cold, but that was snow. She was winter. Pleasant and cozy one second, cold and unmoving the next.”

Snow is a wild one, or so it seems. Not many women walk up to a guy they just met and ask for sex. She seems a bit guarded though, like she’s been hurt pretty badly. We don’t learn a lot about her until closer to the end. Snow seems like a carefree woman without a worry in the world, it that’s not the case. She was hurt pretty badly and is trying to guard her heart from that kind of hurt again. Ryan awakens something inside of her though. Snow feels loved and wanted now, even by his family. While it seems like she is helping him in most ways, he helps her more than we know at first. Snow finally found her place with Ryan. As long as she doesn’t become a cat.

Author Bio:

Kelsey Kingsley lives in New York with her family and a cat named Ethel.

She believes there is nothing better than a good doughnut and a cup of tea, and that there is a song for everything.


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Kelsey Kingsley did it again! I really enjoyed both Kinney brothers and I can’t wait for more of them! After reading this book, I need Sean’s. I wouldn’t mind another either, haha. Have any of you read anything by this author yet?

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