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Today we have a new unboxing for you all. We both ordered Celebrate Books’ English box in February. The theme for February was Murder Girls. There was a little delay with the books, so it came a little later than planned. We finally got it last Friday and want to show what we got.

Isabelle:ย The first thing we found in our boxes was this spoiler card. It has all the items on it so obviously we put it away at first haha.ย I really like the image on the spoiler card and I love collecting all of them.

Candyce: I love the image used on this spoiler card. I never check the back until I have opened everything. It’s not much of a surprise anymore if I read about all of the goodies before opening them.ย 

Isabelle:ย I’m a very big tea drinker so finding tea in a box always makes me incredibly happy. I love that it’s Evil Queen tea although it also reminds me that I need to read Forest of a Thousand Lanterns asap haha. The image on the sticker isn’t completely my cup of tea (ha ha) but I really like the flavor of the tea.

Candyce: Just like Isabelle said I am also a big tea drinker. It’s the perfect thing to drink while curled up on the couch while reading a book. I have had many cups of tea doing just that. I haven’t tried the tea yet, but the way it smells is amazing! Just like Isabelle said, I don’t really care for the image on the sticker. It’s not bad, just not something I care for. It’s fun to have something with an Evil Queen. It sounds pretty interesting.

Isabelle: aaaaaaah Yes Yes Yes, more Riverdale items = always better <3 you might not know this but I love love love Riverdale and I was so happy to find this mug in our box. I love mugs in general and have quite a lot of them, I really enjoy fandom mugs and I’m happy to add to my slowly growing Riverdale collection.

Candyce: This is definitely my favorite item in the box! I am a big fan of Riverdale and this image of Veronica is really cute. I love bookish mugs. I don’t want to drink from any of them though, because I don’t want to ruin them, haha. I guess I eventually will. It’s a waste not to!


Isabelle: such a fun and clever idea to include these spoons! Never saw anything like this in a box and I love getting unique and useful items. I’m not sure if I’ll be using them anytime soon but I just love having them.

Candyce: I love these spoons. I have tons of these, but none of them have Books and tea written on them. It seemed to me at this point that they were trying to include most items to curl up with a book and tea. When I read the spoiler card I found out I was right, haha.

Isabelle: yeah, my namesake and a badass at that. I love Isabelle, such a great character. I’m happy the tv show is starting again. While I like the style of the art on the bookmark it does feel like a bit of a waste to have the image on only half of the bookmark.

Candyce: I like Isabelle Lightwood in The Mortal Instruments. She seems tough and maybe arrogant at times, but that’s a show in many ways. I think this bookmark is cute, but I personally would’ve liked to seen the image on the full bookmark, not just the top.

Isabelle: I love these cards and can’t wait to collect them all! Such a fun addition to the boxes, great idea. I am wondering now if we’ll get couples from other series as well! Do hope so haha.

Candyce: In this box we got another set of playing cards. This time we got the couples from The Lunar Chronicles. I’m really happy about this! I love this series and think these images fit them perfectly. Definitely something I will have to use for my bookstagram pictures.

Isabelle: I love the artist of this print and really like the image. Harry Potter is always a hit for me and it’s fun to get art from different characters than the golden trio.

Candyce: The last item before the book is this art of Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter. I think this one turned out really well. I haven’t seen many bookish goodies of the evil characters in this series, so this was rather surprising. Bellatrix is an interesting character, so I am happy with this item.

Isabelle: I was hoping it would be this book and was so happy to find it in the box! I really enjoy YA mysteries and can’t wait to try and solve this one! The synopsis sounds right up my alley. I put this one very high on my TBR. I love that we also got a bookplate, so cool and so nice that the author took the time to do this. I really enjoy getting these quote cards and need to think of a cute way of displaying them. Any ideas? Let me know in the comments ๐Ÿ˜‰

Candyce: People Like Us is the book we got in this box and I have to say I got this one right. We talked about what book it could be and were both right. It sounds like something I’m really going to enjoy! Hopefully I will be able to get to it in the near future. As always, we also got a quote card and this one is really cute. This quote makes me want to dive in. We are also really lucky this month that we got a signed book plate. Who knows when and if we will ever get the chance to meet this author. I already put mine in the book.

Isabelle: I’m really happy I bought this box! I would’ve been so bummed if I saw this unboxing and I didn’t have it myself haha (like Like month! Will have to come up with a way to steal that mug from Candyce…) now all I have to do is find a spot for all these goodies and go and read that book!

Candyce: All in all a cute box. I have to say I liked the box in January better. I’m definitely happy with the book though and will be enjoying the tea when I curl up with a book!

That was our unboxing this month! Have any of you recently bought any bookish goodies?

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  1. There are so many book box subscriptions I want to get I can’t choose!! This one looks wonderful!

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