TTT #19 | Books on my Spring TBR

We have been having fun with these Top Ten Tuesdays, so we decide we will do one every week. This bookish meme was hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and has been going since June 2010! Starting this January Top Ten Tuesday will be hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s topic is books on your spring TBR. I don’t really make a pre set TBR as I just pick up what I feel like reading at that point. There are some books I plan on reading in the near future though! I’ll probably read these in the spring but I’m not betting any money on it haha.


1. The Belles – Dhonielle Clayton

I’ve seen this one on everyones 2018 anticipated reads lists and heard a ton of good things. I ordered a copy recently so I’ll be getting this one very soon. The cover gives me a bit of a spring vibe actually! I probably wouldn’t have picked this one up of it weren’t for the hype but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it so I’m excited to check it out for myself.

2. Unearthed – Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

I love the premise on this one and I’m super excited for my copy to arrive! I’ve been in a sci-fi mood lately, never in my life have a bought and read so many science fiction books haha. I’ve been looking forward to reading this one for quite a while and hope to start it very soon.

3. Ruined – Amy Tintera

Another book I ordered, I’ve had my eye on this one for quite a while and I finally caved haha. I haven’t read any of Amy Tintera’s books yet but like the premise on all of them and actually read some raving reviews for this one. It sounds right up my alley and I can’t wait to finally read it.

4. The Queens of Innis Lear – Tessa Gratton

Another very anticipated read! I’ve got an excerpt through Netgalley but I’ll probably get a copy myself very soon. This retelling sounds wonderful, it vaguely reminds me of Three Dark Crowns (a book I adore!) and I’m so excited to read it.

5. The Unbinding of Mary Reade – Miriam McNamara

This wasn’t really on my radar actually but I’ve got a copy through Netgalley and really like the synopsis on this one. It isn’t that long of a read I believe and apart from science fiction I’m also in a mood to read more pirate books. Especially lady pirates!


6. King’s Cage (and then hopefully War Storm) – Victoria Aveyard

This one has been on my TBR for over a year. I was pretty disappointed with the second installment in this series and that’s probably why I still haven’t picked this on up yet. However the fourth book is releasing soon and I do not want to get spoilers. I’m hoping the third book gets me to fall in love with the world, characters and story again. Right on the time for the fourth books gets released!

7. Furyborn – Claire Legrand

I’ve got an ARC of this one in my Fairyloot and a couple of my friends already read it and LOVED it. I’ve heard so many good things about this one that I’m kinda surprised I still haven’t picked it up haha. The synopsis sounds great and like something I would really enjoy. All I have to do now is pick it up haha.

8. Spellslinger – Sebastien de Castell

I’ve had this book in my hands so many times since I first saw it. A case of cover love for sure! This January I finally got it from a friend of mine and I’ve been planning on reading it soon ever since I got it. Some of my friends read it and really liked it so I can’t wait to find that out for myself.

9. Wonder Woman: Warbringer – Leigh Bardugo

I actually started reading this one when I first got it but somehow it didn’t really grab me and I put it down in favor of another book. However, I love Leigh Bardugo’s other books and once again a couple of my friends absolutely loved it so I hope to give it a second chance soon. I really want to like it this time around so we’ll see where I land.

10. Invictus – Ryan Graudin

And the last one of this list, I wanted to read this one as soon as I ordered it but of course there were some books I just HAD to read before starting this one haha. This book might have the most interesting premise out of all of the books on the list and I’m so so excited to read it. I still need to get Ryan Graudin’s other series, that’s another one I’m super excited for haha.

Andddd I just realised all of these are fantasy and sci-fi reads haha. Guess that tells us what kind of mood I’m in ๐Ÿ˜‰ might need to change it up with some cute contemporaries in between but to be honest I’ll be surprised if I’ll read all of these this spring ๐Ÿ˜‰

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31 thoughts on “TTT #19 | Books on my Spring TBR

  1. I’m looking forward sooo much to The Unbinding of Mary Reade! I was pretty much jumping up and down when I saw my request for that title was approved, haha.
    Got an ARC of Furyborn in one of my past FairyLoot-boxes but I still haven’t read it yet.. I should totally get on to that with its release coming closer and closer.. Oops..

    Nice list! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I loved Wonder Woman: the characters were great and it featured wonderful female friendships. Furyborn sounds amazing, I can`t wait to read it.

  3. I finished Unearthed last week and I was quite disappointed. I had expected so much more from it, but for me, it was nothing new. I hope you’ll enjoy it more than I did!
    I really liked Wonder Woman though, great book ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Thatโ€™s sad to hear! I think Iโ€™ve heard more people say things like that. I didnโ€™t used to read that much sci-fi so I hope itโ€™s still something kinda new for me!
      Aaah I really need to pick up Wonder Woman again, Iโ€™m expecting to love it

  4. I’m looking forwards to The Belles as well, but I’ve read great and really horrible reviews around, so I’m trying to keep my expectations in an acceptable level… Right!

        1. Yeah Iโ€™m doing that with The Cruel Prince right now! I was really disappointed with Caraval last year, it just didnโ€™t live up to the hype for me

  5. I’m horrible at making seasonal tbr lists. I’m a mood reader and know I could never stick to them. However, my fellow reviewer Astilbe has made a Top Ten Tuesday.

    1. I normally donโ€™t make TBRs either but these are definitely books I want to get to soon! However I wouldnโ€™t bet any money on me actually reading all of them haha

  6. Oh what a great list of books! The ones I haven’t read I am totally adding to my list! Especially anything to do with lady pirates?! I just finished Daughter of A Pirate King series and I just NEED more lady pirates in my life!
    Plus I’m so glad someone else was underwhelmed by the Red Queen series, but is ALSO going to give it a second chance because that’s totally what I’m doing!

    1. Lady pirates for the win right?!
      I loved Red Queen and really hope to find that magic in the third book again, happy to hear youโ€™re doing the same!

  7. Oooh, what a great list! I hope you enjoy all of them! Hah, this post marked me seeing The Belles just enough times to tip me toward giving into the hype and wanting to read it, too! Can’t wait to hear what you think of it ๐Ÿ™‚

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