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A friend of ours, Kwante, from Kwante in Wonderland created the Monthly Monday Book Shelfie. Every month there is a new topic. Continue reading to find out what the Monthly Monday Book Shelfie is and what to do if you want to participate!

This month’s theme is Spring! It’s time to show you a book on our shelf that is green or reminds you of Spring. After you think of the book you want to use, you do the following:

  • You take a book shelfie – the book you chose in front of the other books on your shelf.

After that you answer the following questions:

  • Where did you get the book?
  • Have you read the book yet?
  • What did you think of the book? If you haven’t read the book yet, what do you expect?


Where did you get the book? I ordered this book online. I had my eye on it for quite awhile and decided to get it after I heard a lot of good things about this book.

Have you read this book yet? I have! I read this last year. It’s definitely a perfect spring and summer read. The main character works on a food truck and is outside a lot. I can imagine spending my spring and summer doing something like that. Being outside when the weather is beautiful.

What did you think of the book? I loved Geekerella. It’s a fun retelling of Cinderella. Definitely a modern day retelling. Instead of a shoe it’s a phone. Who knew using her dad’s old phone would bring her a interesting guy. I liked that we saw the problems that both characters were facing and how they wanted to help each other. I loved the ending of this book.


Where did you get the book? I ordered the book with the gift card I got from Candyce after my surgery last January. I had my eyes on it for a while and this was the perfect opportunity. There are different editions of this book but I really like this cover, it also fits with this months theme quite nicely in my opinion. Looks like quite the spring cover right?

Have you read the book yet? I haven’t read it yet. I do hope to pick it up quite soon and I’m definitely excited to read it.

What do you expect? To be honest, I’m not that sure what the book is about haha. I do expect a fantastic and magical story and hear nothing but good things. Like I said, I’m super excited to pick it up and hope to do so soon.

These are our choices for this month! What is your favorite Spring book? We’d love to hear from you!

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