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We both have the goal to buy less books this year. The second month of the year is now over and it’s time to see if we’re doing good with this goal. If you want to see how we’re doing, take a look.


I did pretty good this month. I only bought three books myself. Two of these book were given to me when I participated in a Valentine’s Day bookswap. I got quite a few e-books to review though. It’s still suprising when I got accepted for my requests or when an author contacts us and asks if we want to review something for them. That is really flattering.

Moonlight Sins – Jennifer L. Armentrout

So far, I don’t think I’ve read a book by this author and not liked it, haha. She is definitely an auto-buy author for me. I have heard a lot of good things about Moonlight Sins and I hope to read this one before the second one comes out in June. It’s nice that these are coming out so close together.

Heroine Complex – Sarah Kuhn

Isabelle bought this book awhile ago and since then it’s seemed pretty interesting to me. I put it on my wishlist for the Valentine’s Swap and was happy this was one of the books I got. As a big fan of supheroes, comics and such, this seems like the perfect book. I know there is also a second book, so I will have to make sure to get that one as well.

Nevermoor – Jessica Townsend

I actually only recently heard about this book, but it sounds really good. A Facebook group I’m in TBR and Beyond is doing a group read of this in March, so I thought it was the perfect reason to buy this book, haha. The fact that the cover is so cute made it an easier buy as well.

Goodbye Days – Jeff Zetner

This book has been out for quite awhile and on my wishlist for just as long. I recently heard people talking about it again and it still really interests me, so I decided to also put this on my wishlist for the Valentine’s swap. I’m really happy that I got this book. It’s one I’ve been looking forward to reading.

The Cruel Prince – Holly Black

I actually wasn’t planning on buying any new releases this month, but a friend of ours got this book twice from book boxes. She asked if anyone in our group wanted to buy her extra copy. I have heard only good things about this book, so I couldn’t resist this buy!

As I said before, I also received quite a few e-books to review this month. I’m only going to show which ones. Most of them already have a review or will be getting one very soon! Once again, it was a lot more than I realized, haha.

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This was a pretty decent month! I got one book in my Fairyloot, got 3 books in a Valentine book swap and bought 2 more when buying the books for that swap and Candyce’s bday box haha. It’s a pretty decent haul I would say, the only sad things is that while I read 11 books in February, I only read 3 physical ones so my physical TBR did not go down this month but grew by 3…. Oh well, I tried 😉

Spider Gwen Most Wanted? Vol 0 – Jason Latour

I forgot to put this one in the pic! As you could’ve read yesterday I already read this one. That’s actually the reason I allowed myself to buy it haha, I knew I would read it almost immediately so I wouldn’t impact my TBR.

Paradise Kiss 1 – Ai Yazawa

I’m trying to read more manga as I really enjoyed the one or two I read before haha. I also read them pretty quickly so same as with Spider Gwen I was okay with buying it. Turns out I didn’t read it right away haha. I am planning on reading it soon though!

The Hazel Wood – Melissa Albert

I got this one in my Fairyloot and it is quite the anticipated read this month and possibly this year. I’m honestly not that excited about it anymore as I’ve heard a lot of mixed things about it. The synopsis still sounds interesting but I probably won’t pick it up in the immediate future…

Lost Boy – Christina Henry

This was the first book I got in my Valentine Book Swap, I got an amazing gift and I was so happy with it. I own two Christina Henry books and I can’t wait to read them and this one haha. This is a Peter Pan retelling and you guys know how much I love my retellings!

Elantris – Brandon Sanderson

I currently own 9 Brandon Sanderson books so he’s competing for my most owned authors! However I’ve only read 3 of those books haha. I’m really excited about this one and heard so many good things. Can’t wait to read it.

The Way of Kings (part one) – Brandon Sanderson

This is the other Brandon Sanderson book I got in the swap. It might be a while before I read this one as it’s the first one in a series and the order I plan on reading his books currently has this one last 😉

Those were the books we got this month. Have you read any of them yet? Are there any books you got this month that we need to know about?

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