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A little while ago we were tagged by Karen Jo for the Bookish ‘This or That’ tag and today is finally the day I will do this one haha. It’s a pretty quick one so let’s get started!

Audiobook OR text book 

I recently got into audiobooks and I’m really enjoying them! But I feel that for me they work best for contemporaries and rereads, new fantasy books are a bit harder and those are the books I love best. There isn’t really a contest between audio and text books for me, if I had to choose I would easily go for text book. There’s nothing like being completely immersed in a book and imagining everything for yourself.

Paperback OR Hardback

This is a pretty difficult one! I love the look of hardbacks but the price of paperbacks. For reading purposes it depends, I love the floppy paperbacks most I think, than hardbacks and than the more stiff paperbacks if you know what I mean. So all in all this one is 50/50 I would say. I know I have to choose and after some deliberation I’ll go with paperbacks, simply because they are cheaper and that means I can buy more. And in the case of books MORE = ALWAYS BETTER.

Fiction OR Non-Fiction

This one is easy. Fiction all the way. I do want to read more non-fiction this year as I have some really interesting books that I already started reading but never finished. I listened to one last week and really liked it.

Bookshop OR Online

I love visiting actual bookstore and finding new books. I try to buy there as often as I can to support them, especially independent smaller bookstores. But nowadays it’s so easy to order online! It’s always cheaper than in stores, one of the sites I use often you get the books almost always the next day. The other online shop I use is Bookdepository and their shipping has gotten a lot faster recently and their prices are just the best. So this is another one where the choice is pretty difficult. After thinking it over I decided to go with bookshops since I would hate it more if they disappeared than if online book shopping wasn’t an option anymore.

Standalone OR Trilogy

TRILOGIESSSSSS or rather, series! While it’s fun to read standalones in between series and not every book needs to be a trilogy or series but when given the choice I definitely choose series. I love when stories expand and when I like characters I need to read longer about them.

Heavy & Long OR Short & Sweet

This depends, usually I’d pick heavy and long but you can’t keep going on forever with those types of books. Every now and then I need a short, sweet, and fluffy book to lift my spirits haha. I love books like The Summer I Became a Nerd and P.S. I Like You to lighten my heart.

Reading Somewhere Cozy OR in the Sun

Read somewhere cozy, I usually get hot and sweaty in the sun and I do not like that at all. The sun in my eyes can really annoy me as well. I only like to read in the sun when I’m on a beach or next to a pool.

Hot Chocolate OR Coffee

I don’t drink coffee that often, only when they have a ton of soy or some kind of nut milk and some vanilla or hazelnut syrup in them. Those coffees are pretty expensive so I usually drink tea! I love hot chocolate but since I have a lactose intolerance I don’t drink them too often. When given the choice between hot chocolate and regular coffee I would for sure go with hot chocolate as I can’t stand the taste of plain coffee haha.

That was the tag for today! Feel free to do this fun, short tag as well, if you do don’t forget to tag us! Let me know in the comments if you prefer bookshops or online book shopping.

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  1. The hardest decision for me is hardback vs paperback. I think hardbacks are a good investment if for the long run like a collector’s shelf. Paperbacks are cheaper so it’s my go to, but for books that I really love – I can go for a hardback version after first reading it in the kindle ^_^

  2. The long battle between the Hardback vs the Paperbacks! I prefer a paperback when I read on the train but in my bookshelf I prefer a Hardback, but then again a hardback is kind of nice reading on the sofa at night too!

  3. It’s great that you’re liking audiobooks. I still haven’t gotten into them. But I think I’ll try it for a reread since I’ve never done it for that. Maybe I’ll like it a little better since I’ve already read it.

    Thanks for participating! Loved reading your answers =)

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