Unboxing| Fairyloot February

I got my Fairyloot last night and couldn’t wait to unbox it! I love it every single time so I’m so excited when I get my shipping notification. I somehow never remember what the theme of the box is though haha.

The theme this month was Twisted Tales and that gave me a pretty good clue about the book that would be included in the box. Everytime I get a Fairyloot I’m so excited and this wasn’t anything different haha. The moment I had it in my hands I had to open it and I found some pretty great things in there <3

First up is this stunning wooden bookmark by Ink&Wonder. I love her designs and got a couple of her other items as well. As I said this one is stunning and the quality is really good. Super happy with this item!

Next up is this super cute pair of Fairyloot exclusive socks. I like the look of this a lot and pink is one of my favorite colors so that’s always a win haha. They look a bit small so I hope they’ll fit me because I love getting usable  items so I definitely want to wear these. The design  is a little witch hat and a gingerbread house, so cute and it fits perfectly with the theme.

Another usable item! This is bath salt and it looks amazing. I love the label and the look of the salt in general. It fits with the theme really well and since I have a bath I will for sure be using this. So far all these items have been amazing

As you guys might know, I LOVE candles so finding this in here made me incredibly happy <3 This cute candle by wick and fable is called The Hinterlands and is based on the book we received. The author of the book actually helped pick out the scents for this one and that’s so so cool. It smells wonderful and I’m so happy right now haha.

This was the last item I opened before looking at the book. It was packed in a carton little box and I was hoping it would be a mug <3 Woohoooo I was right! I love mugs about as much as I love candles so that might give you a pretty good idea as of how much I love mugs haha. The design on this one is amazing, it has details from a couple of fairytales. I’m so happy I got this to add to my collection and as with all the other items it fits perfectly with the theme. And then on to the book of the month!

The book we got this month is The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert. It’s a pretty highly anticipated book and once again we got a Fairyloot exclusive cover. I’m not a massive fan of the cover, I actually like the American edition better but the naked hardback is really pretty. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of that as well, oops! The book didn’t come with a bookplate this time, it was actually signed! So that’s super cool and we also got a letter from the author. I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about this book and to be honest I probably wouldn’t have bought it myself but since I own it now I will read it at some point. The synopsis has me intrigued for sure, hope that I’ll fall into the love camp!

All in all we got a pretty amazing box once again <3 I’m so happy I’ve a Fairyloot subscription as the boxes are of the highest quality every month. Next month is an anniversary box and I must admit my expectations are sky high! Did you get a Fairyloot this month? What did you think? And will you be getting one next month? Let me know in the comments!

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