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On Monday I shared some Release Day Blitz for The Wrong Kind of Love. Like I said in that post, I am also participating in the blog tour. I had the amazing opportunity to receive an ARC, so I could review it for the blog. It was my first time reading anything by Lexi Ryan, so I was pretty curious.



I keep repeating myself when it comes to people on covers, haha. Oh well, I do think this cover is pretty though. I love that it’s black and white and the word LOVE pops out. While Ethan looks a bit different in my imagination, he’s not bad looking either, haha.

“Everyone says, trust your intuition, but I think maybe I was born without one of those. There’s no other explanation for my romantic history.”


Nicole hasn’t had the easiest childhood and the twin bond you hear about doesn’t apply to them. So, when she finds out that her sister slept with her fiancé, she’s really hurt. When she leaves in a panic, she ends up taking her sister’s flight. There she ends up at a bar and while drinking meets an amazing guy. Deciding to be a bit wild, they have a good time, but it’s interrupted when he is called into work. Ethan isn’t looking for love. After losing his wife, it’s the last thing he’s thinking about. Even the idea of bringing a nanny in for his little girl isn’t something he really wants. So when everything changes and Nicole shows up on his doorstep and he’s surprised that it’s her. They’re attracted to each other, but after love running her life, Nicole doesn’t want to let it in that easy. Ethan lost his wife and can’t imagine being with someone else, but she’s making it very difficult. There are some secrets, can they get past them? I loved this romance. The idea of her pretending to be someone else, but being more herself than ever. I thought that was amazing. A family full of secrets didn’t help much, but I LOVED this family. I need books about all of them. Lexi Ryan built this romance slow but study and it was worth every minute reading. Ethan had to face his own demons and so did Nicole, but they did that together without even realizing what they were building together. The romantic gesture at the end of the book was so sweet. After I finished the book I had a smile on my face for quite some time. That’s how these books should end. I love books getting their happily ever after. Especially it being near Valentine’s Day! The mention of Grey’s Anatomy scored points as well. I can’t forget to mention that!

“Don’t pull that ‘Mr. Right is waiting for you’ crap on me. We’re getting to ‘desperate times, desperate measures’ situation over here.”


Nicole never really saw herself finding love and settling down. The fact she was getting married, still surprises her. She hasn’t been lucky and bad guys have run her life too long. She feels betrayed by her sister, but she can’t say she’ll miss him. When the nanny job is offered to her it’s hard to say no. She wants a new start, just not this way. Nicole is good with kids and loves Lilly. The longer she is there, the more she starts caring for Ethan and wants to continue what they started. Nicole finds herself in this book. She learns a lot about herself and what she wants. Everything she went through definitely made her stronger and she found her home. She realized she doesn’t have to make them lover her, they already do.

“He’s Dr. McBroody Pants.”

Ethan lost his wife and the mother of his child and that’s not easy. To a certain point, it seems he hasn’t let himself grieve. In a lot of ways he hasn’t. All he can think about is that his daughter doesn’t have a mother at home for all the moments a daughter needs her mother. His life is busy as an OBGYN and takes him away at all hours of the day. Even though he wants his mother to have the chance to travel he doesn’t want a stranger with his daughter. He’s torn, part of him wants to accept Nicole and live happily ever after and the other part of him wants to push her away as far as he can. He’s amazing with his daughter and that is definitely swoonworthy. Being a doctor on top of that, he scores major points!! He faced the demons of his past without even realizing it. Nicole made him realize it was okay to love again and show Lilly that things can be different as well.

“Now having that smile directed at me, I look at her, and for the first time, I understand the word stunning. And that scares the shit out of me.”

Teagan was an amazing friend, even if she thought Nicole was Veronica at first, haha. She was there for her every step of the way. She was hilarious. I hope she gets a part in one of the next books. Teagan deserves her happily ever after as well.

On top of all those characters Lilly was such a sweet kid. She’s a fictional character, but she grew on me in this book. The cutest kid ever!

recensie 5 kroontjes

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This definitely won’t be the last book I read by Lexi Ryan. I loved this whole entire family and I hope that all the brothers get their own book! I need more, haha. Have you ever read anything by Lexi Ryan?

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