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Awhile back when I read the sypnosis of this book, I couldn’t sign up for the opportunity to review this fast enough! This sounded like the perfect book to me. I mean I am a major nerd and comic books are a lot of fun. The fact that the main characters love comics and draw their own made this even more appealing. I have to say this book didn’t disappoint.



Personally I would’ve liked this cover a lot more if it was just the view of the city. That being said, I love the combination of elements on this cover. It’s pretty unique.


This book was amazing and a lot different than I expected it to be. I could completely relate to Leah, being a complete geek and loving comics. The fact that different comics were mentioned throughtout the book, I definitely felt like a geek, haha. I can’t imagine what it was like to go through what she went through in Japan. Leah having comic books really saved her along with her best friends. Not having the greatest parents growing up really influenced her way of how she felt about love. Amos scared her I think, because what she was feeling wasn’t something she felt before. The drawing in the notebook was really cute and I loved how that brought them closer together. Going back to Japan to finish a story that wasn’t started was a good way to heal and open up. I don’t see that as a typical romance book, but so much more! I loved how she took us along the journey of creating the last comics in Aiko’s career and how Aiko experienced it as well. While the story ended bittersweet, it felt very genuine. At times I felt like I was really in Japan with them. The author really brought this story to life. The epilogue was perfect! I couldn’t ask for a better ending! Hilaria Alexander wrote a beautiful romantic book and I can’t wait to read more of her stories.

“We seemed to get along great, we had the same weird sense of humor, we liked to play pranks on innocent college kids, and we both had an appreciation for ’80’s music.”


Leah is easy to relate to in many ways. I am definitely a geek and love the world of comics and books. The reason she loved them as an escape from her not so easy childhood was sad. It definitely shows that many little things can bring a little joy to life. I can’t imagine what she felt after losing her best friend. Leah really never gave herself the chance to get over that and when she was told she was going back, she was losing control. That was something very important to her. If she’s in control, nothing bad can happen. Amos and Aiko slowly chipped away at this and got her to open up more. The journey in Japan and finishing that comic, changed her life in such a good way. This was Leah’s fresh start in finding a way to let herself be loved and to return it.

“I could admit I wasn’t the best of friendliest team player. I shied away from social engagements if I could. Even though I might have looked plain bitchy rather than socially awkward, the majority of the time I felt out of place. I’d felt that way my entire life.”

At first Amos seemed like a typical player, who was with someone else every weekend. This wasn’t true at all though, haha. All he wanted was a chance with Leah since they kissed that one night. He gives her space, because that’s all he can really do. Drawing comics is something he loves, even though his father didn’t agree with his choice. Following in his family’s footsteps was hard after that tragedy. He just couldn’t do it. I think that was very brave of him. Aros stood up for what he thought was right at that moment. Even though he kind of was out of line when he started drawing in Leah’s notebook, I think it was the perfect thing for both of them. Being with Leah was right for him in so many ways.

“His disarming smile was all it tookd for the butterflies to make a reappearance in my stomach.”

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I loved how this story was written with a lot of information about Japan as well. I hear it’s very beautiful there. Who knows, maybe one day it will be a place to visit. Do you ever want to visit places after reading a book that is set at a certain location?

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