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I am a big fan of music, so this seemed like a perfect tag to add to the blog. I saw this on Firstbooklove. The music artists that were chosen for this are all familiar which made this even more fun to do. Let’s take a look at the books I chose to use for these questions.

One Direction: A book you would still love without one of the main characters

16071187This one may be kind of mean, but I’ve talked about this book before. I would’ve loved The Cage more without the main character. The storyline is so interesting, but I just don’t have the connection with Cora.


Busted: A book you didn’t expect to have a sequel

I have to say The Diabolic. I loved this story and when I was reading it, there wasn’t a 26836910sequel announced yet. When a few friends and I were done with our buddyread there was news that there would be more books. The Empress came out last year and I still need to read it. I hope it’s as good as The Diabolic, because I really loved it.


5 Seconds of Summer: A book that reminds you of summer

18189606This cover already screams summer, but the story does as well, seeing how it’s set during the summer. I love the adventures the main character goes on to do everything on the list her best friend left for her.


Adele: A book you love or you hate

I think this is a book you will either love or hate. I’ve heard a lot of people say they love11408650 it, but also a lot who hate it. I am one who loves them! I’m still debating whether I should re-read these books before reading The Becoming of Noah Shaw.


Taylor Swift: A guilty pleasure book

10818853My guilty pleasure book is Fifty Shades of Grey. And even more so, the books told from his POV. They’re definitely not the best books, but I did enjoy them! That’s all that counts.


Green Day: A book that bored you to sleep for a whole month

I sat starting at my screen for awhile trying to think of a book to use for this and I just18114322 can’t. There isn’t a book I remember that bored me so much. So, my boyfriend suggested The Grapes of Wrath. He had to read it for college and thought a whole chapter about a turtle crossing the road was a bit much, haha. I’ve never read this book, so I wouldn’t know, but it does sound really boring.


Coldplay: A book that makes you sad no matter how many times you read it

15507958Me Before You is a book I cried more over than any sad book I’ve ever read! The movie was even worse. I heard nothing but crying people in the theater. I will say it’s a beautiful book, but it breaks your heart. I know if I read this again it would be just as bad.


The Glee Cast: A book that you’d like to be made in to a musical

I’m going to be a bit obvious with this, but I would love to see Harry Potter as a musical, 3haha. It’s just something I could picture happening. I think it could be rather entertaining.


Ed Sheeran: A book that was more emotionally heavy than you expected it to be

36529044I could think of a lot of books that fit this one, but I am going to go with Judging Books. What I thought was going to be just a typical romance book, turned out to be so much more! I loved that the author mixed such a subject in a romance book. That doesn’t happen too often.


Miley Cyrus: A book that you still don’t understand

I just recently read Sugar Lump and while it was pretty enjoyable, when I think about it I 36679262still kind of wonder what I read. It still doesn’t make complete sense, especially with that ending.




I tag any music lover to do this tag as well! What music do you listen to while you read?

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