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Before we started this blog I read All She Ever Wanted and fell in love with the characters and the town the story took place in. I loved Leah’s friend Rachel and reading everything she went through, I really hoped she would get her happily ever after. So I needed to read the second book when I found out it was about Rachel.



I think I would’ve loved this cover if we didn’t see any people, but just the picture of this beautiful area. Reading the descriptions of Cedar Valley in the books I can definitely picture it looking like the scene on this cover.


I really enjoyed this book!!
After reading All She Ever Wanted it was a no brainer that I would be reading this one. I wanted to see Rachel get her own happy ending and I loved the feelings I got from Cedar Valley. I love reading about small towns like that. It was nice to see that Leah was doing good and about to start her own family. This book starts off quite awhile after the first book ended. Rachel had her little one and is now moving in with Adam and Tyler. We find out that Adam hasn’t had an easy few years. Losing his wife the way he did and raising Tyler on his own. I loved Adam and Rachel’s relationship and the kids. Rachel has had some insecure moments, but really feels at home in Cedar Valley. Adam is happy he finally opened up his heart again and can’t be happier that Tyler is accepting Rachel in the family. Being a firefighter brings some stress into the family, especially when they don’t have enough people. Rachel is able to put her love of baking to good use and is happy. When her ex decides he wants custody of Ava that gets her really upset. While I’m happy this subject didn’t take over the book, I would’ve liked to have read a bit more about it. I don’t think there needed to be drama, but we only read that the lawyer was spoken to and at the end it was solved. That is the same with Adam’s brother Conner. I think I would’ve liked to see a bit more of him. All in all, another amazing book in Cedar Valley. My favorite character is definitely Rosie. She seems like the grandmother everybody wants.


Rachel was a fun carefree type of character All She Ever Wanted, but also a great best friend. Until she got pregnant and the guy she was with disappeared. Seeing how that was kind of how it ended in the other book, I was happy to see she got her own story. We read about her meeting with Adam, but that was it. I loved that this book started when she was moving in with Adam. It was nice to see that she was getting her happily ever after. She seems like a great mother to her little one, but also to Tyler. She’s there for him from the beginning and seems very loving. Rachel is a stong woman who doesn’t let stuff get her down, but now she finally feels safe enough to let someone else support her.

“Admitting her emotions to Adam had always been easy. He was the comfort she always needed, and the guidance he offered was priceless, and valued more than words could express.”

Adam lost the woman he loved quite awhile ago, but it still really hurts. He decided to focus on his son and do everything he could to give Tyler a good life. Adam is a loving father and is a little scared in the beginning to open up his heart. I mean, losing someone again wouldn’t only hurt him, but also Tyler. He’s a tough guy, working as a firefighter and taking in his family’s footsteps. He works hard and does his best to find a balance between that and his family time. I think many women would love to have a guy like him as their husband.

“Adam was the type of father every woman dreamed of having for their kids. He was hands on, active in their lives, never missing a single minute of asking them about their lives. Even with a thousand things on his plate, he refused to let them down.”

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This is definitely a book I would recommend. Some good romance, awesome characters and a small town that makes you feel like you’re home. I hope we get to see more of the characters in Cedar Valley.

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