How I Met My Book #3 | Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – J.K. Rowling

We were looking for something to post on Sundays when we don’t have anything planned. Then I saw a post on Early Bookish Bird‘s blog and it seemed like the perfect fit. She started #howimetmybook .

In this post we tell the story behind our books. The following questions will be answered: Where did we get the book? Why did we pick it up? What made us pick it up in the first place?

As a Harry Potter lover I decided I needed to at least use one of the books for a How I Met My Book. This isn’t my original copy (that’s up in the attic). My boyfriend has these beautiful copies, so these are displayed on our shelves downstairs.


My love of Harry Potter didn’t start with the first book, haha. I received Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for Christmas when I was twelve. My mother was the one who got it for me and I don’t think she realized it was a series. I mean even the fourth book looked really interesting. I didn’t read it until the year after though. We had just moved to The Netherlands and I didn’t really know anyone then. I was still waiting to start school, so I was reading a lot. This book had a very appealing cover! After reading it I was really interested. I saw the first movie and I knew I needed the first three books. My grandmother bought those for me for Christmas that year and that’s how my love for Harry Potter started. I have read them all quite a few times since then.

Are any of you Harry Potter fans? What made you pick them up?

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  1. My friend was talking about this amazing and magic book series so I decided to pick them up and here I am a massive potterhead haha

  2. That’s so funny. I can picture her probably being so excited to get you a book and just not even thinking it’s part of a series. I can see my mom doing that

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