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After reading other blogs this past week I saw a few people mention books they read that comfort them. I thought that would be something fun to post about. I will post a couple now that I love to read when I’m not feeling great or am having a bad day. Who knows, maybe I will post more posts about comfort books.

Everyone has days when they’re not feeling that great, maybe not completely in a great mood. We all have books that make us feel happy or like we’re at home. I think this quote says it all!


The first book that comes to mind is Harry Potter, haha. Seeing how I’ve mentioned that one many times in different posts, I figured I would choose a few other books.

25068924Alabama Summer – J. Daniels These are romance books that know how to put a smile on my face. All of them have the perfect bookboyfriends, the right amount of humor and a lot of romance. I haven’t actually re-read these yet, but they are definitely ones that need to be picked up again. I’m sure these books could cheer me up in no time.


Scoring Wilder – R.S. Grey I think my theme this week is romance books without even 21843117really thinking about it, haha. Another amazing book that I read in just about one sitting. Another book with a great bookboyfriend, who kinds of seems like a bad boy in the beginning. Which was kind of true, but there was more to that story, haha. I really need to read more by R.S. Grey, because I have a feeling all of her books would cheer me up.


24920901Off Campus – Elle Kennedy To keep up with my sports romance theme, last but not least, I will pick the Off Campus series by Elle Kennedy. These books are about different characters from a hockey team. Each guy has his own issues and aren’t really necessary until they meet the girl in the book. With some serious moments, lots of humor and once again perfect book boyfriends, these are a must read if you’re in need of cheering up.

These are a few books I would definitely pick up again when I’m feeling down or am sick. What are books that make you feel better? I would love to hear about them!

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