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Candyce showed you guys her Bullet Journal a couple of times and today is my turn! Candyce showed her 2018 set up and the way she tracks books in her Bujo. I started a new bujo in 2018 so there’s not that much in there yet but I would like to show you all a couple of my collections!

On the left you see a simple tracker for my Goodreads challenge. It’s a bit smaller than the one I made last year, I like how it fits on a single page now. It’s a really simple tracker where I just track how far along my Goodreads challenge I am. While I also track it online I love to track things like this manually. It’s such a great feeling to draw those X’s 😉

On the right page I made a reading year in pixels. I divided the page in three fun and colorful trackers. The first one is genre, I picked 5 genres that I feel will probably cover almost all of the books I read; fantasy, sci-fi, mystery/thriller, contemporary, and comics. For every book I read I will draw in one of those little squares and at the end of the year I’ll have a really colorful way of seeing what genre I read most of. The second tracker is for the age range the books were written for; children/MG, YA, NA, adult. While I expected that the biggest chunk will be YA books, it will be interested to see how much of the books I read are actually YA and how the other age ranges will fare. The last tracker is about publishing date. It was a bit harder to keep that to 5 different ones. I decided to divide it in 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, and <2015.  Since most books I read are pretty recent (as in from the last couple of years) I thought this were the publishing years that made the most sense for me. We’ll see how that will work out at the end of the year 🙂

As you guys probably now both Candyce and I are participating in the Beat the Backlist challenge. I figured it would be fun to draw a big bookcase with the backlist books I own. While I’m definitely not done drawing all of the books I do think this will give you a good idea of what it’s will look like. I do still need to colour in the books I have finished, this will give a great visual representation of my TBR!

The last collection I wanted to show to do is my travel page. The bujo I got comes with a pre-printed map of the world. I still want to colour in the places I visited but it shows the idea. On the right pages I have a small (and far from complete) list of places I want to visit. There are tons of places I would love to go to but these are quite high on the list! I will keep on adding to it all year long (and hopefully cross one of two of the list as well). I thought it was also the perfect place for two stickers. I especially love the Darker Shades of Magic one; ”I’m not going to die, not ’till I’ve seen it. Seen what? Everything” I absolute adore that quote and thought this page was the perfect spot for it!

These are just a couple of the collections in my current bujo. I might show some from my old one the next time. Would you be interested in that? Let me know in the comments! And tell me something about the collections in yours!

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