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I am a fan of a lot of genres and enjoy fantasy books with a paranormal twist. The Unveiling of Brielle Davis seemed to be a book like that and it was just the type of book I was looking for at the time.



This is a cover that does have a paranormal feel to it. I love how the trees in the background and there’s a lot of fog.


After reading what this book was about I was very curious.
We meet Bri who is off to camp for the summer. Her parents have decided this will be good for her. Bri’s sister Grace passed away a few months ago and she’s kind of lost. In the beginning she doesn’t really get why she needs to go, but doesn’t have much choice. Bri is kind of worried though, since Grace died she’s been hearing and seeing things that she’s not sure are real. This isn’t as bad at camp, except for the boy she keeps seeing that no one seems to notice. Is she crazy or is something going on?
This was a beautifully written book that is very emotional. I can’t imagine what it’s like losing your twin sister after she was sick for many year. It’s understandable that Bri may even feel a bit guilty that she’s still alive. Her whole life revolved around Grace, spending as much time with her as possible, because they didn’t know how long they would have. During camp Bri starts making friends and that’s something she’s never had before. They were always more Grace’s friends. It takes her some time to learn to lean on them, but eventually she does. Especially the girls she shares a cabin with. The fact that one is a major bookwork gave this book some extra points, haha. Grace grows a lot in this book. She makes friends, learns that it’s okay to talk about her sister (even if this is with a psychiatrist) and realizes that not all boys mean trouble. Carter seems like a jerk in the beginning, but we soon find out that’s not the case at all.
Then there’s still the fact of her hearing things and the haunts that she sees. I thought this was a really interesting aspect, but I think it could’ve been developed a bit more. To me this book was more about Bri finding who she is and how to go on without her sister. I kind of figured out who the woman was halfway through the book, but it didn’t take anything away from the story. With how it ended I really hope that this aspect of her life is explored more in the second book. I want to know more, because this book was really a good start. The fact that the author used a Harry Potter reference made me very happy, haha.

“My brain can’t seperate all my drama anymore. Who knew summer camp could be so complicated?”


Bri is really trying to find a way to cope since her twin sister passed away. She’s not quite sure how to get over that. Bri isn’t really happy about being sent to camp all summer, but she knows she doesn’t have much choice. I liked how Bri opened up during this book. Even though she was having a hard time, she let herself have fun and realized that therapy was actually a good thing. Bri even opened herself to the prospect of a boy liking her. She was even able to make friends that felt like hers for the first time. Even though she freaked out about seeing people who were dead she did embrace it. Bri was determined to help when she could even if people would think she was crazy. I kind of think it kept her from only thinking about her sister. Helping when she could gave her a purpose. I think because she knew what it’s like to grieve.

Carter wasn’t my favorite character in the beginning. He seemed really rude when he was teasing people at the camp. He didn’t seem like a sweet person at all, but once Bri gave him the chance, we learned that there was more going on than meets the eye. Carter gave in when under peer pressure. He knew he was wrong and did apologize. He seems like the type that only parties and doesn’t have a care in the world, but losing his mother really hurt him. His home life since than hasn’t been the greatest either. On top of that he has a secret of his own. Once I got to know Carter he was a character I started caring for. Once again a case of don’t judge a book by its cover. Hopefully we see more of him in the next book.

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Even though this is a fantasy/paranormal book, I see it more of a contemporary with a hint of fantasy. I think this will change in the second book, well I hope so anyways (even though I did not mind how this book turned out). The second book is high on my TBR for the near future. Keep a look out for the review.

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