How I Met My Book #2 | Dangerous Girls – Abigail Haas

We were looking for something to post on Sundays when we don’t have anything planned. Then Candyce saw a post on Early Bookish Bird‘s blog and it seemed like the perfect fit. She started #howimetmybook . You can expect these posts every once in a while!A lot of books have a story. Where did we get the book? Why did we pick it up? What made us pick it up in the first place?

I bought Dangerous Girls while I was studying in London 3 years ago. I went to the Waterstones A LOT during that time haha. One of the things that always got me were those stickers ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price’. I’m such a Dutchie and we love discounts haha. So naturally the moment I see discounted books I NEED them. I always both 2, 4 or 6 books whenever I was at a Waterstones. I believe Dangerous Girls was one of those picks I picked up because of the sticker. The synopsis sounded interesting, the main characters were vacationing on an island were they spoke Dutch, and a quick Goodreads search showed my a positive review by someone I trust. I left with the book and read it pretty quickly after that.

The story is about a couple of friends that are in Aruba on Spring Break. At the end of the trip one of the girls is murdered, and her best friend (our main character) is the main suspect. The story follows the investigation by the police and the murder trial. And the whole time you’re wondering; did she do it?!

I absolutely loved this story, it got 5 well deserving stars. While reading it I went back and forth between believing our main character was innocent and believing she was guilty. I enjoyed the messaged that you can make anyone look guilty in a court of law and  the way the book kept me guessing. I really loved the ending and immediately wanted to read more books like this one. The autor also wrote Dangerous Boys, which I enjoyed but not as much as Dangerous Girls. A couple of other stories that are somewhat similar are With Malice, 13 Minutes, One Of Us Is Lying. While I enjoyed all of those, they were all somewhat of a disappointment after Dangerous Girls, especially the endings. So I’m on a never ending quest for a book like this one that won’t disappoint. Let me know in the comments if you’ve got any recommendations!

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10 thoughts on “How I Met My Book #2 | Dangerous Girls – Abigail Haas

  1. This is such a fun idea for a post! I love it! I adored Dangerous Girls too, it really set the bar for twisty thrillers. I’ve been looking for something as dark and twisty since I read it. The best I’ve found is The Kind Worth Killing (if you don’t mind adult thrillers) and Megan Abbots books, especially Dare Me.

    1. It really did! I love adult thrillers, I’m a massive Karin Slaughter fan. The most twisted books I’ve read are Gillian Flynn’s books for sure! I would highly recommend them, I hope she writes another one soon. You probably heard of Gone Girl but I think the other two might even be better. I think I have Megan Abbots books on my wishlist, will bump them up to the top spots 😉

  2. i lovvee this story!, i kind of suck at keeping track of my hashtag, hahaha but i loovve this!
    i have never found a buy 1 get one offer, tbh it doesn’t happen where i live hahah 😀
    but the synopsis sounds so intriguing! im adding this to my tbr <3

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