TTT #10|Bookish Goals/Resolutions

We have been having fun with these Top Ten Tuesdays, so we decide we will do one every week. This bookish meme was hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and has been going since June 2010! Starting this week Top Ten Tuesday will be hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s subject is Bookish Goals or Resolutions. Time to take a look at mine!

We already did a post about our reading goals this year. Some of these will be the same because of that, but I was able to think of a few more. I will start off with the ones that are the same!

1. Goodreads challenge: Read 160 books. I was able to read 151 books in 2017, so I am hoping to read a bit more this year. I have read 8 books so far this month, so I’m starting off good. Hopefully I can keep it up!

2. Tackle my physical TBR. I have over 100 unread books on my shelves. I’m hoping to read at least 50 of the books that were on there before January 1st. To make this challenge a bit more fun we joined Beat the Backlist. I’m a Book Bard! I haven’t started off well this year with this though. So far I have only read e-books, haha.


3. Unfinished Series. I have started so many series and haven’t finished them. Sometimes I only have one book left to read. So I want to tackle this as well. The longer I wait to continue, the more I forget about the other books. I’m hoping to finish at least one series a month.

4. Classics. There are a lot of retellings lately and I keep reading about classics all over the place. They can be rather intimidating though, so Isabelle and I decided to read them together. We want to read four classics this year. One every season.

5. Keep up with writing reviews. This is more of a blogging goal, but seeing how it’s a book blog, it belongs here. I noticed the past month that I’m not on top of writing my reviews when I finish a book. I have a list of them to write this month, haha. I have been catching up this week though. But I want to make sure to start writing them sooner after I finish a book. I’m normally good at remembering the storyline, but when I’m already reading other things, some details tend to be forgotten.

6. Make sure to stay active with reading other blogs and responding. We love getting comments from people who read our blog. I want to make sure I take enough time every week to keep up with other blogs and leave a few comments. This is such a fun community.

7. Create a theme for bookstagram. Taking pictures for Bookstagram is a lot of fun, but I haven’t really found a theme yet to stick with. Of course, it changes with the seasons or time of year, but I want to create some fun stuff. I think this will give me better results with the pictures and motivate me to take a good amount at once. Now I end up taking a picture in the evening and am never really sure what to add to my pictures, haha.

8. Working in advance for the blog. I think this is a goal I want to make sure to start off with right away this year. We make a monthly schedule a couple of months in advance, so I know what posts I have to write. Of course, reviews can’t be written until I’ve read a book, but a lot of other things can be done in advance. I think this will give some peace in blogging. Now we keep writing posts a few days in advance, sometimes the day before. If one of us gets sick or something comes up we have nothing to post. I want to make sure this doesn’t happen.

9. Be more active on the Twitter for the blog. Sometimes when busy with a lot of stuff, social media is easily forgotten. Twitter is a fun community to be in as a blogger and a way to be in touch with authors as well. It’s also a fun way to let followers know what’s going on in our life as well. Instead of just the bookish stuff we do, haha.

10. Make sure it stays fun. I think this is the most important goal of them all. I have read a few posts by bloggers who take a break, because it starts seeming like work and isn’t fun anymore. I don’t want this to get to feel like a job. I guess it’s all in keeping a balance in what you do. These past few months have been so much fun, I want it to stay this way!


So these are my bookish goals/resolutions for this year. I would love to hear what yours are!

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