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I read about this book on Facebook, with the opportunity to sign up and help promote this book. Besides that, I received an ARC to review on release day. All I can say is I’m very happy I decided to sign up or really even saw this on Facebook. This isn’t a book I would’ve wanted to miss. Tuesdays at Six is going to be the book that has to be beat this year. If I could give it more than five stars I would!



This cover is so simple, yet it fits the book so well!! It definitely caught my eye and I like looking at it. The tagline on top “A head-on collison between loss and love” describes this story perfectly.


This book was amazing!! I had a feeling it was going to be a beautiful story, but it was so much more than I expected.
I can’t imagine what is was like for Walt when he found out he was to be the guardian of two little girls, when he didn’t even want kids. We start off reading after the girls have been with him for a few months. He thinks he’s doing a good job, but the fact that the nanny keeps quitting and Zinnie will barely speak to him tells us differently. Walt is good at making sure they have what they need, but the emotional part of it, still is a mystery. He’s still all businessman and that’s good for when he’s at work. Then add Samantha, his brother’s assistant, who steps in when Poppy is sick. Walt doesn’t really like her, but when he sees how she connects with the girls and makes them smiles (something Zinnie hasn’t done in awhile) he decides to keep her around. As the family manager she makes some changes, some Walt doesn’t like, to make the family run smoother. Along the way Walt realizes he starts seeing these girls as his and is falling in love with Samantha. She has her own past two deal with as well. To make the girls feel safe and know that everyone is there for them, she starts dinners, Tuesdays at Six. All of the important people show up and eat together no matter what. While they have their ups and downs, these people grow and grieve together and create their own kind of family.
I loved that the author mixed Walt’s business world into the story, but didn’t make it run everything. It let us see what he has going on and how he needs to combine everything. The hacking their company went through was rather exciting as well as the security detail for the girls. I get with them being rich, but I don’t see why it was mentioned as much. I was waiting for something to happen in that area. That didn’t take away from the story though. The way the author wrote this story, made me fall in love with this family. I really grew to care for them and wanted to hug them when they hurt. I loved the whole concept of Tuesdays at Six. Making time for the family to show everyone you’re always there for them. That is a good idea to keep for my own family, haha. My only issue is that I want so much more. I want to know how this family moves on and how Zinnie and Poppy do. This is so much more than just a romance book. With the whole story the way it was, the romantic feelings between Walt and Sam felt so natural. I really feel this book was more about this family grieving and growing and the romance was just a positive extra part to this amazing book. Finishing this book kind of it made me feel like I was losing people I cared about. Not many authors know how to do that. K.J. Lewis has definitely become a new favorite author.

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Walt is a man who is all business. He loves what he does and knows he’s good at it. You can almost say he lives for his job. He doesn’t realize this needs to change once he has the girls. He still can’t quite figure out why his best friend would leave his girls with him, when he doesn’t even want kids in the first place. Walt thinks if he throws money at it, everything will be okay. He soon learns this isn’t the case with a five year old and a teenager. After another nanny quits, he’s just not sure what to do. If it’s up to his fiancé Camilla, the girls will be sent to a boarding school. I’m so glad he dumped Camilla early on in the story. Just reading about her made me annoyed, haha. Samantha changes his ideas of how everything needs to go and we see Walt change. He becomes a family man and will do anything in his power to keep these girls happy. Walt can’t figure out when this happens, but it does. He also learns he needs to accept the help his friends will give him. It takes a village to raise children and he’s starting to understand this concept. Trying to heal from losing his friends, he learns to love two little girls who need him more than ever. I can’t even start to explain how selfless that is. He’s just amazing!

Samantha seems like a smart woman and knows how to deal with men like Walt. She knows how to juggle a lot as well. Between the girls, work and school she has enough to do, but never complains. Samantha has definitely experienced things, but keeps her life private. During the story, we realize she’s grieving just as much as the little girls are. The kids and Walt are what saved her and made her love again. Samantha is great with the girls and the things she thinks of to do with them is amazing. Her “Movie Mondays” are my favorite. Getting to see some of the places where movies were filmed, seems like a great way to spend the day. Even though these girls are in no way her responsibility in the beginning, she jumps right in and becomes their family. In the end she needs them just as much as they need her and that’s what is amazing about this story.

Zinnie and Poppy’s lives were destroyed when their parents were killed in a car accident, but both adjust as well as they can. Once they realize they have a great support system, we really see them thrive. They’re typical kids, but very likable. I would love a book to see how they develop and what they do when they’re a bit older.

Last but not least, Finn. He is a really good brother and an amazing brother. He is protective of everyone he loves and would give them the shirt off his back if they needed it. Finn loves those girls more than life its self. He’s not very lucky in love, but it’s something he definitely deserves.

Samantha and Walt’s friends are also amazing. Anyone would be honore to have friends like them. Who will drop anything because someone is hurting or help raise girls that aren’t family. They’re a wacky bunch together, but that’s what makes it work.

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This book is so amazing, it’s kind of even hard to put into words what makes it that way. I don’t want to give a lot of examples, because I feel this is a book you just need to experience. This book made me laugh, cry and left me with a smile on my face.

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