A friend of ours, Kwante, from Kwante in Wonderland created the Monthly Monday Book Shelfie. Every month there is a new topic. Continue reading to find out what the Monthly Monday Book Shelfie is and what to do if you want to participate!

This month’s theme is I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie! It’s time to show you some of the biggest books on our shelves. After you think of the book you want to use, you do the following:

  • You take a book shelfie – the book you chose in front of the other books on your shelf.

After that you answer the following questions:

  • Where did you get the book?
  • Have you read the book yet?
  • What did you think of the book? If you haven’t read the book yet, what do you expect?


Where did you get the book? I ordered both of these books online. I originally only had Lady Midnight as an e-book, but they’re so beautiful I needed the hardcover, haha. Which meant that Lord of Shadows had to follow in hardcover as well!

Have you read the book yet? I have read Lady Midnight and started a reread, but got distracted by all of my other books as usual, haha. I really want to continue this year though. The third book comes out at the end of the year, so I have some time for my reread and to finally get to Lord of Shadows.

What did you think of the book? If you haven’t read the book yet, what do you expect?I really enjoyed Lady Midnight. We got a lot of information about Shadowhunters again, but that didn’t really bug me. I expect Lord of Shadows to be even better. I have hear that the ending is going to be rather surprising. Maybe I need to wait until we get a bit closer to the end of the year so I can continue with the third book right away, haha.


Where did you get the book? I got the Dutch version of the first five books in the Ourlander series from someone who was selling them in a facebook group. I was so happy to find this edition, they changed the covers for the Dutch ones and I really dislike the new ones haha. I also found book 6 in the same edition. I don’t mind second hand books at all and I got them for a good price <3

Have you read the book yet? I have read the first book and about 200 pages in the second one. I plan on continuing soonish haha. These book are pretty big and so much stuff happens in them that I don’t read them that quick. I feel like I would rather read these in the summer but that might be to far away for me haha. I plan on reading at least book 2, but preferably also book 3 this year as I want to see the tv show but don’t want any spoilers for the book!

What did you think of the book? If you haven’t read the book yet, what do you expect? I enjoyed the first book so much! I love reading about this timeperiod, I love love love Jaimie, Claire is a great character, and like I said there is so much going on. However the books are also quite graphic and since that timeperiod was pretty brutal some scenes are hard to read. I also read the books quite slow but I’m eager to read more of them!

These are our big books. What are some of yours? Have any of you read the ones we talked about today?

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