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A lot of booklovers will recognize this problem. You start off arranging your bookshelves and they look great, but as time goes by and you collect more books they don’t look as great anymore. Series aren’t on the same shelf, books get piled in the front, because they don’t fit anymore and our worst fear: running out of space completely! We are both having these issues, so we decided to start off the new year by rearranging our bookshelves.

We have both collected quite a few books in 2017. And we have been meaning to organize everything the way it should be, but it’s not fun to do by yourself. To make it more fun and to help it happen a little bit faster we decided to help eachother. When you have to do something like this by yourself, it’s not very motivating, haha.

Because we decided to do this together, we wanted to share our progress on the blog. Today we will show you the BEFORE pictures. What do our bookcases look like now? Is it really as bad as we say it is? Unfortunately it is!


I live together with my boyfriend and we share bookcases. This means that we have three bookcases in our house and I have a few shelves on each one. We decided to do it this way, so we both have stuff we want everyone to see in the living room, etc. It was a fair way to share the space. It started off with him having more books than I do, but in the year we’ve lived together I think this has changed, haha

The pictures that will follow aren’t the best in the world. It’s dark in the house at the moment and it’s just to give you all an idea of what it looks like now. When they are all done I will take better pictures as well as more detailed ones. That way the goodies on the shelves will be more visible.

The shelves in the hallway upstairs

This bookcase is the newer one of the three. That’s why it’s really only books and no goodies, haha.

The shelves in my bedroom

I think out of all three of the bookcases this one has the most books piled on them, haha.

The shelves in the living room.

Out of the three bookcases this was is the neatest one. I think this is the case, because it is downstairs and more people see it, haha.

As you all can see, some work is need. I am very happy Isabelle will be helping, because I don’t know where to start!


First things first, sorry for the super crappy pictures haha. The lighting in my room is pretty afwul but I had to make something out of it haha. I have 3 regular sized bookcases and one smaller bookcase. There are all in my bedroom and there aren’t just books on the shelves. There usually are a ton of candles as well but I took them all of when I wrote my first candle-post and still haven’t put them back… oops. The candles that are there are mostly new candles…. Apart from my YA and fantasy books I have quite some thrillers, although some of my thrillers are downstairs on my parent’s bookshelves. I also have some books from my childhood that I don’t want to get rid off. I really have to think of a way to rearrange all this as everything is overflowing and I didn’t even put my December books on the shelves (18 new books I believe…) After this long intro, let’s just take a look at those shelves…

This is bookcases #1. It has some middlegrade books, some UK paperbacks (mostly fantasy), more YA fantasy, my Harry Potter shelf, pretty childhood books, and then a shelf that started with Dutch paperbacks and is now an overflowing mess…

Bookcase #2, the top shelf used to be different sized books and now also houses UK paperbacks YA fantasy series. The next shelf is mostly UK paperbacks of the YA contemporary kind. Next up is my Sarah J Maas shelf. Then comes my  YA fantasy hardcover shelf with also my Outlander books. Next is a completely hardcover shelf. After that is another mismatched shelf with some contemporary books and some fantasy, mostly Dutch ones but since everything is overflowing there are also some English hardcovers and 2 English paperbacks. Last shelf is mostly Dutch adult fiction and also Twilight haha.

Bookcase #3 originally didn’t have that many books but is getting fuller by the month! First shelf is all thrillers, most ar Dutch. The second shelf is my Karin Slaughter shelf <3 The third shelf used to be for my Vinyls, nail polish and earrings but now also houses my comics and 1 manga. The next shelf is for all my horse related books! Most are series I read when I was younger but there are also some non fiction horse books. Down below are my tv shows.










Bookcase #4 is the smaller one. This one is a complete mess as well, it has some more thrillers, both Dutch and English, it has chick-lit, Dutch literature, a box of mac and cheese (SO RANDOM!), and dowm below are Lijster-books, those are the books we were able to buy when going to what America considers middle school I believe… Might also be during high school. I’m not completely sure. However it was a lot of Dutch fiction but since it involved buying books I was always interested and I got quite a few haha.

Clearly something needs to happen… I’m happy Candy will be helping me as this will be quite the task 😉

This is the mess that we have now. Wish us luck rearranging everything. We will give you an update when we are all done. How do you arrange your bookshelves?

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  1. Wow I do not feel alone. Finally I have some book sisters.

    Question? Do you subscribe to the book boxes? If so what are your favorites? I seen to have the same reading intrests.

    Have fun rearranging ladies, if only I had a book babe closer to help me. Lol

    1. Thanks, it was quite the job but we managed together 💪🏼
      I (isabelle) get a Fairyloot every month and we both get a Celebrate Books box every now and then 🙂

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