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With a few more days until Christmas I am happy that I can give you all another review of a Christmas read. If you’re still looking for a cute contemporary that takes place around Christmas, this book could be for you.



I love this cover. It’s perfect for a Christmas book. It seems like a Christmas sweater I would wear. The cover got me in a Christmas mood. Especially the snowflakes on the pages when a new chapter begins.


Charlie has a schedule for everything and has ideas on how everything needs to go. Except for this one instance. It’s almost Christmas and the day after is the Christmas ball a classmate organizes every year, because her birthday is during the holidays. There is only one problem: it’s a lover’s ball. She needs a date. This makes her try and think of who she can take. That’s when she runs into Teo. He’s a senior and she thinks he’s just like her: he’s great in school, a star athlete, thinks being on time is imporant and goes to almost all the parties. She has a problem though, he doesn’t know her. To make it possible to have Teo take her to the ball, she organizes a Secret Santa for the school’s newspaper (she just happens to be co-editor with her best friend). The only problem is, she doesn’t really know Teo and needs the perfect gifts. This means she needs help and the only person to do this is someone she really dislikes: J.D. – Teo’s cousin. He’s everything she’s not: always late, annoying, unorganized and her list goes on and on. He’s willing to help her and he thinks of some great gifts. As time passes, she starts to wonder if all is as it seems and if Teo is really what she wants.

“This will be fun. A boyfriend for Christmas. It can be like one of those holiday Hallmark movies! We can call it Countdown to Christmas or Jingle All the Way to Noelle’s Ball, or All I Want for Christmas is a Boyfriend. Wait, wait wait. I got it. The Twelve Guys of Christmas!”

I loved the concept of this story. Secret Santa can cause a lot of funny situations and cute ones as well. It gave me the perfect Christmas feeling, especially when they decorated a tree, sang carols, made Christmas cookies and other fun activities. Even though this book was predictable (what Christmas contemporary isn’t?), it had all the elements that I love: a great friendship, holiday activities, fun family moments and a lot of love. Charlie gets her happily ever after even if it wasn’t what she expected. I read this book in two sittings and was actually sad it was over. The writer made me want J.D. to be the one and for Charlie to have the Christmas feeling she was missing. For me the fact that the writer mentioned Hallmark Christmas movies was the icing on the cake. I love those movies and this could’ve been a teen one. All in all a good book to read next to the Christmas Tree with some hot cocoa.


Charlie: She is someone who needs to know what is going to happen and how. All her days are scheduled and she prints her agenda. Charlie needs to make sure everything is perfect and her grades are good. Her ex-boyfriend was just like her and this worked well. This is what makes her think she needs someone who is exactly like her. I think this sounds good to her on paper, so when she sees Teo she thinks that’s what she wants. Charlie is someone who wants to be able to control everything. This is what I think upsets her about J.D., she doesn’t know what to expect and she has no control. Christmas is especially hard for her this year, because her mom is never home because of her new job. This makes it difficult to get in the spirit and be happy. I think this is what makes her so focused on Teo. While at times she can be a bit too much, I can really understand why.

J.D.: He seems like the guy who is always late, doesn’t care about school and has a messy life. Deep down J.D. is not like everyone thinks he is. He is actually really focused on photography, has an internship with a 3D printing company and is really smart. He cares about his family and what they think of him. And to top it all off he is pretty selfless. He helps out Charlie to find gifts for his cousin and this isn’t always easy for him. He likes going caroling and dressing up for it. A typical boy nexy door. Definitely a perfect bookboyfriend.

Teo: At first he seems like the perfect guy for Charlie and in some ways that may be the case, but looks can be deceiving. He has been around when it comes to girls and flirting and is kind of self-centered. He makes some mistakes, but admits to them. He is sweet, but has some learning to do.

Morgan: She is the perfect best friend. Morgan is always there for Charlie and manages to calm people when they get frustrated by her wanting to control everything. She knows when Charlie needs her and what to do. Morgan is a lot more mature than the others. She can bake any type of cookie and knows when to use these to her advantage, haha. I wouldn’t have minded reading more about her.

I have to say I also like all of the families we meet in this book. They are all so sweet and I love how they are so open to their children’s friends to celebrate the holidays.

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All in a all, a fast and easy read that left me feeling all warm and cozy. Just how Christmas books should make you feel. If you’re looking for something quick and fun during all the holiday stress, I definitely recommend this book.

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