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Wow, we can’t believe it’s almost the ends of 2017. With a little less than two weeks left in the year, we thought it was time to start thinking about our reading goals. What do we want to read next year? How much do we want to read? We may want to participate in some reading challenges. To see what we thought of, keep on reading.



The last few years I have read more and more. I am really starting to surprise myself, haha. I started tracking how much I read only a few years ago. My first Goodreads challenge was in 2015 and my goal was 60 books. I ended up reading 82. In 2016 my goal was 90 and I read 137. This year my goal was 140 and at the moment I have read 143 books. I hope to make it to the 150 before the end of the year. The previous years were a few more, but that was when Goodreads didn’t count it when you reread a book. So, what do I want to do in 2018?

Goodreads. I like to challenge myself a bit more every year. I am hoping to read 150 this year, so I will add a bit more for 2018. I will make my goal 160 books! It would be awesome if I am able to reach this goal. This means I will have to read 13-14 books a month. If I continue next year like I have the last few months, this could actually work, haha. Even though December has been a bit slow so far.

Physical TBR. It has been a great year when it comes to collecting books, haha. I also read a lot of e-books though. Which means the amount of unread books on my shelves has grown. I counted this morning and I have over 100 unread books. This isn’t as bad as I thought it would be and I know some people have more. Of course, this doesn’t include the books I may receive for Christmas. So one of my goals is to read at least 50 of the physical books on my shelves that have been there since before January 1, 2018.

Unfinished series. With all the books there are and the ones that keep coming out it often happens that I start a series and end up not continuing with it for a long while. This can be good when I want to avoid cliffhangers or having to wait years for a new book, but it can also be a bad thing. For example, I read Red Queen quite awhile ago. I started Glass Sword last week and notice that I have forgotten a lot of details. I know the general idea of the story, but after reading so many books a lot of things fade. The last time I counted (which was in September), I haven’t finished 35 series and I’m sure there are more now. So next year I want to finish at least 1 series every month.

Classics. I have to say I have never really read any classics. Of course, there have been some retellings, but not the actual stories. So next year I want to read four classics. Isabelle and I decided to do this together and read one every season.

Popsugar Reading Challenge. I was going to participate in the year’s challenge, but in the end I kind of forgot about it, haha. I still haven’t decided whether or not I will actually participate, but if I do, you guys will see a post about in on the blog.

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I have definitely read more and more each year as well! I’m really hoping to read a 100 books this year, I’m currently at 91 so it’s going to be tough haha. Last year I did read 91 and the year before I believe I read 82. My reading goals are quite similar to Candyce’s haha, so sorry for the repetition 😉

Goodreads. I’ve never dared to do it before but in 2018 I will set my goal at a 100 books. This has always been my dream goal but also seemed like something I would never be able to accomplish. Since I’m so close to this goal now, I think I might actually be able to achieve it next year!

Physical TBR. My physical TBR is even more out of hand than Candyce’s, oops. I think  I have around 150 unread books, I will do another count after Christmas to see what the real damage is 😉 However I realized that in 2017 I’ve read less than 20 books that I owned before 2017…. That’s NOT good haha, so we need to change that. My goal in 2018 is to get that number of unread books down by reading more books that I owned before 2018. I’m going to try and make that 50 books, which is going to be hard as hell but hé goals need to be challenging right?

Unfinished series. Candyce and I both made an unfinished series in our BuJo and like her I need to finish some of them or catch up to the current release. There are quite some series where I have one book left to read, it feels so dumb to not just read that book, the details are slipping my mind more and more and I just need to go ahead and read those books! I also started some amazing series that I really want to continue. Last year my goal was to finish 12 series, one for each month. I completely failed that goal so we’ll just try again this year 😉

Classics. This is a goal Candyce and I are doing together, we want to read 4 classics this year. One for each season, we already picked out most of them! I don’t read classic normally but I am interested in them, or at least in some of them. They can be so daunting and I just keep putting it off…. So making these into buddy reads will definitely help!

Comics. I started reading more comics in 2017 and want to continue this in 2018. I enjoyed the stories so much and I love looking at the art. The main reason I haven’t read more of them is because I find them quite expensive compared to how long, or rather how quick, I read them. For that same amount you can often buy two paperbacks and that will take me so much more time. However I enjoy those comics a lot, so I do want to pick up more of them. Therefor my reading goal for 2018 is to read at least 12 comics, 1 each month 🙂

Subscription boxes books. I LOVE subscription boxes, if I had more money to spend I would get all of them haha. However I still get quite a lot of them, but somehow I haven’t read most of the books that came in them. A quick count learns that 22 of my unread books are from subscription boxes… Taking into account that I’ll probably get around 15 more subscription box books more this year I’m setting my goal at 10 unread subscription box books at the end of the year.

Non-fiction books. And my last goal for the new year! I have a couple of really interesting non-fiction books that are still unread. I read them quite slow and always put them down pretty easily without picking them back up. Therefor I will make it a goal to read at least 4 non-fiction books in 2018. I don’t think I finished any non-ficition books this year so while this seems like an easy one, I think it’s going to be quite challenging!

These are our reading goals for 2018 and we would love to hear what your goals are as well! Let us know in the comments.

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