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As you guys have been able to read, we met because of a readalong. When the readalong ended, we had a group of book buddies that are now good friends. We don’t get to see everyone together that often, so when the holidays were getting closer, we decided to celebrate the Dutch holiday Sinterklaas together. It’s almost Christmas as well, so it’s more of a mix of both. This all took place last night, so to see what we did, keep on reading!

We all gathered at Kwante’s house in the afternoon. This started off a bit interesting, because we got snow (that doesn’t happen often here, haha). We all made it safe, so it started off pretty good! Everybody had another person they bought books for and we had a 10 euro budget for little gifts to play a game with. It started off pretty simple, you grabbed a gift, traded or grabbed one until all were divided (we had a board that told us what to do). The second round was unwrapping and it had the same options, besides the unwrapping you traded, grabbed or swapped. This created some funny moments. Especially the third round is when it’s the final part of the game and everyone fights for the gifts they want, haha. There was a candle that everyone was fighting for. Everyone went home with something though!

During the game and after it was basically a big catching up with everyone. Tons of chatting, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. We always enjoy our time together, but it’s never enough. Before everyone went home, we had dinner together and ate some cake. Kwante surprised us with an amazing cake. To most people it’s just a Minion cake, but to us there is more of a meaning, which made it amazing, haha.


Picture by Kwante in Wonderland!



I had so much fun with everyone. Luckily Isabelle lives close by, so we see eachother regularly, but the others I don’t see that often. I still think it sucks we all live in different parts of the country. We talked about trying to do this more often, which I definitely agree with. I love how our love of books brought us together and we got a great group of friends out of it. I received two books from Adinda: Wonder and Outlander. I want to read Wonder before I see the movie and I hear it’s beautiful. A few of the bookbabes talk about Outlander all the time, so I have to check it out! After our game I ended up with a really cute bookmark of Feyre and some really cute washi tape. Kwante was really sweet as well and gave all of us a tote bag she made with a quote I completely agree with!


I really had a wonderful day and I can’t wait to do it again. It was fun to joke around and talk to them face to face instead of through WhatsApp, haha. Hopefully January will bring another fun bookdate. I got a ride from Isabelle there and back and this was fun as well. We got to talk about the blog and what we want to accomplish next year. It gave us some fun ideas as well, so stay tuned!


It was so much fun seeing everyone again! We talk daily but it had been a while seeing some of these amazing girls <3 Like Candyce said, we’re lucky to live close by enough but we need to put in a bit more effort so all com together. We trying to plan another get together soon so hopefully we won’t have to go long without each others real life company 😉

I got this beautiful hardcover from Melissa. She was complaining that I only had expensive books on my wishlist (and then actually already started reading the one she originally had bought for me!) so she couldn’t get me 2 books. But I love getting this nice hardcovers, I usually don’t buy these for myself so this is the perfect opportunity to get books I’ve wanted for a while.

The game started off so so well for me, I had so many gifts haha! Unfortenately my luck ran out and while I had the gift I really wanted 1 min before the end, I ended up empty handed. Luckily these bookbabes really are the best and shared with me, I got a set with tons of cute stuff to use in my bulletjournal. Will use it very soon!

And apart from the game I also got the super cute totebag from Kwante. Adinda had two books for me as well, she had two copies of Thief’s Cunning and wanted to get rid of her Dutch copy of The Hobbit. I obviously couldn’t pass up the chance to add these to my collection 😉

And then Melissa also brought a couple of Mrs. Potts piggybanks from Disneyland with her and this little packrat snatched one up immediately. I am the worst but I just love EVERYTHING haha. Willemijn brought along a couple of Dan Brown bookmarks, perfect to use in his new book I just got! And she was so so sweet to give me the Harry Potter magnet from the Fairyloot I missed out on <3 So all in all it was a day filled with lots of laughter, gifts, food, and love.

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