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This book releases on November 28th. I’m not quite sure when this review will be published yet, I am writing it quite awhile before the release. I had the amazing opportuinty to read an ARC of this book. I would definitely say this book is for 18+. This was a book I read in just about one sitting.



I have to say at first the cover almost stopped me from reading, but they say never judge a book by its cover. I read the description of this book after that and decided not to let me stop from reading. The fact that the word comedy was on front of this book helped a bit as well.

“I’m actually shouting at the psycho squirrel hiding in the branches. I swear it’s a sadist. No matter where you stand under the tree, it throws nuts down at your head.”


This was such a fast and fun read. It was totally different than I expected, but in a very good way. This book starts out with Cassidy losing her job and looking for a new one. She lives in a poor part of town and has very interesting neighbors. Seeing her neighbor running out of his door naked while his wife screams at him is a normal thing in her neighborhood, haha. She finds out about a new business opening up and goes to see about a job. There she meets Wyatt, who plans on opening an adult store. She is a little shocked to be selling sex toys, but she gets to be a manager and she takes the challenge. Her boss Wyatt isn’t bad looking, but she doesn’t think it’s a good idea to get involved with the boss. When Wyatt hits on Cassidy she says she isn’t looking for anything serious, but will it stay that way? When the store finally opens, they get a lot of protest from the conservative group of people in their town. Can they win the battle? This book had me laughing out loud and made me really care for the characters. I already know that I need and want more of these characters. For a romance book and them selling sex toys, there was a lot less sex than I expected. This book was really tasteful. It’s more of a romantic comedy than anything!

“It doesn’t matter what he wears, he could be dressed in feety pajamas and a sombrero and any woman would be eager to strip him.”


Cassidy is still pretty young, but hasn’t had it easy. Both her parents aren’t alive anymore and she has to put off college until she can afford it. Losing her job isn’t the best thing to happen to her, so she jumps on the new opportuinty to work somewhere in town. She is determined to make this job and store succesful. Her little apartment is something she can afford and even though crazy things happen she loves her little community. When Wyatt turns out to want to be more than just her book she hesitates. She says she isn’t looking for anything serious, but her feelings develop without her knowing it and she wnats to protect her heart. She knows it will be over once Wyatt leaves when the store is up and running. When the protests start outside the store and even worse things happen she’s afraid to trust.

“Seconds later, he’s crawling over me, his huge body looming above me like something right out of one of my Tarzan fantasies. The Alexander Skarsgard Tarzan, of course.”

Wyatt is a succesful young man and comes from a wealthy family (even though he uses another last name, so he can do his own thing). He is determined to open a few adult stores in small towns. If he manages to do this well, he will take over his father’s company when he retires. Wyatt is determined to make this happen and has to win. He is a positive guy and even when things don’t go as planned he still sees thing in a positive way. According to him there is a solution to everything. He’s attracted to Cassidy and goes along with the “nothing serious” she’s looking for. During this time he also gets to know Cassidy’s neighbors and her way of life, he starts wondering if running the company is really what he wants. He’s really sweet, kind and romantic.

“At that moment, Trey, another guy who lives in Frat Hell appears wearing a pink baby bib and carrying a yello toddler’s sippy cup.”

The group of minor characters is amazing and all funny in their own way. Even the frat boys, haha. They do their best to help out.

recensie 5 kroontjes

This book is a definite mustread! I know I will be keeping an eye out for more books in this series.

afsluiting candy

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