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Not too long ago I had the chance to read Fire & Bone by Rachel Marks. This book doesn’t come out until next year, but it was really good. If you want to know what that’s about you can find my review here. So when I had the chance to review an older book by her I took the chance. To find out what I thought about Darkness Brutal, keep reading.



I actually really like this cover! How all the colors come together and create an amazing image. I really didn’t pay much attention to the cover at first. I like creating the image of a character on my own before seeing it otherwise.

“If only reality could be like a musical.”


This was a good and interesting book, but a lot too take in. It was a pretty long book, but not too long.
We meet Aidan, a teenager who can see demons, speak old languages and who is trying to figure out how to save his sister from the demons who are going to come after her on her twelfth birthday. He lives on the streets and does odd jobs to make money.
One night he goes to a club and rescues a girl who is about to be harassed and hurt by demons. This is how we meet Rebecca who he is attracted to.
The people he helps with translating and delivering things give him a number to someone they think can help. Here he meets Sid and a group of kids who are all special in a certain way. He doesn’t really trust them to start with and he eventually starts leaning on them more.
I loved how this book developed. We learn more about Aidan and his family. The flashbacks are very interesting. It took a bit long though before we found out what his powers actually were. I think it would’ve been a bit more interesting if that was revealed sooner. I have to say this story is unique. Who his father is and the kids all together is something I have never read before in combination with demons and saving the world. I definitely want to read the other parts of this story and how it plays out. Rachel Marks has a nice style of writing and is good at combining serious moments with a good balance of humor. All the characters had their own development and didn’t stand still.
The characters were s fun bunch together and Sid seemed older in his ways, which is the case in the end, haha. I would’ve liked to learn more about the other kids in the house, so I am hoping that will happen in the next book.
I am normally not a big fan of love triangles, this book had one. It’s still not completely clear how Rebecca is attached to him, but it surprised me that she kind of disappeared near the end. It like she wasn’t as important. Even though I like Aidan and Kara together. I think that they have more to discover as well. I hope to learn a lot more in the other books.

“Who knew they had Harry Potter people in the Bible?”


Aidan has been through a lot and it started at a really young age. All he really wants is for his sister to be safe and other than that he’s not concentrated on much else. In that sense he is focused on one thing and with doing that he kind of misses a lot for himself. People who want to help him and setting up a life for himself. He is also a typical main character in wanting to sacrifice himself for his sister. He does grown stronger in the books and I can’t wait to see his gifts develop further.

“I know stuff. I just do. Like how I know the orders of angels and demons, or can tell on sight if an apparation os a ghost or a time slip, or if someone’s a virgin, or if they’ve killed anyone. Why can’t I just know how to play Xbox or baseball?”

Ava is Aidan’s sister and she is more the curious type who wants to explore what she can do. Just like Aidan, she will do everything she can to keep him safe, including making a deal with a demon. She seems really interesting, but I think it would’ve been interesting to learn more about her. We only got glimpses here and there.

Rebecca is a lonely young girl who’s parents have kind of forgotten about her. She is popular in high school and has a certain image she needs to keep up. When Aidan helps her at the club she really wants his attention. As I said while writing about the plot, she kind of disappears at a certain point. I missed her in the exciting parts of this book. Hopefully we see more of her in the second book.

Kara hasn’t had an easy life. Her father sold her to the highest bidders and she was lucky that Sid eventually took her in for good. She’s pretty damaged and the curse put on her didn’t make her life any easier. Kara is still adjusting to everything, so when she knows she’s meant to play a part in Aidan’s awakening it’s hard. She wants to be there for him, but it will ask a lot of her. Kara really needs someone to care about her for her, not because of her curse. I really liked her and hope to see her get a happy ending.

Sid is a mysterious character and I didn’t know if I should trust him in the beginning, but in the end you find out he sacrifices a lot for saving the world. He wants to do what’s right. He’s slowly losing his gifts and seems to be weak at times. I would love to learn more about him.

Then there are the rest of the kids in the house. They all seem interesting in their own way, but didn’t all play a big part in the story. Seeing how they play into everything going on I hope to see more of them.

recensie 4 kroontjes

All in all a good book, especially when I see references to Harry Potter, haha. When I read the next books I will be sure to post a review! And of course a special thanks to the author for letting me read this book!

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