TTT #5 | Books on My Winter TBR

Every other week we’ll have a Top Ten Tuesday. This bookish meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and has been going since June 2010!

This week’s is all about the books on your winter TBR. I never make a specific TBR because I just want to read whatever I feel like reading at that moment. Whenever I finish a book, I’ll go and stand in front of my shelves and just pick a book that feels ‘right’ haha. However I do have some books I would like to get to pretty soon, so I guess they are on my winter TBR. Lets take a look!

338432511 The Afterlife of Holly Chase – Cynthia Hand

This one is really high on my TBR, I want to read it right before Christmas. It’s a Christmas Carol retelling and it sounds simply amazing. I’m super excited to read this one and it will likely be a buddy read with Candyce, so you can all expect a buddy review a little before Christmas. I love Christmas and the holiday season but I don’t think I’ve read any Christmas books so this is the year to change that!


2 Truthwitch – Susan Dennard 21414439

This one has been on my TBR for quite a while and I plan on reading it this winter. I purchased it almost a year ago already, I believe. So it’s been sitting on my shelves and waiting for me to pick it up. I have pretty high expectations for this one and hear it has an amazing friendship in it and hardly any romance. I love it when there’s barely a hint of romance in a novel, and even more so if the friendships in the book are great. The magic system in this one sounds quite intriguing, can’t wait to get to this one.


 233412523 This is Our Story – Ashley Elston

I picked this one up while I was in the USA this summer after hearing about it on Booktube. Kristen from Superspacechick mentioned it a couple of times and was super enthousiastic about it. I read the synopsis and it sounds right up my alley. I love it when you can’t trust the people in your novel and I’m already excited to guess and find out what actually happened in this woods. My expectation are pretty high once again and I really hope this one lives up to the hype.


4 The Last Namsara – Kristen Ciccarelli 32667458

I hope my copy of this one is arraving this week so I can finally read this. I’ve heard nothing but praise for this one and I’ll just repeat myself and tell you that my expectations are HIGH! Expecially after meeting Kristen barely three weeks ago, I’m super excited to dive into this one. It has dragons in it, and our dragon-slaying MC tells stories to draw the dragons out. Doesn’t this sounds AMAZING?


26032825 5 The Cruel Prince – Holly Black

Another one Kristen from Superspacechick has been raving about, I cannot not read this book now. I do hope I get to it this winter as it happens all the thime that I’m not able to read a new release right away and after that it takes me forever to start it. I hardly ever read a book I just bought right away. I also don’t really have a clue as to what this book is about. I know it’s about faeries but thats about it. I’m going to assume there’s a prince and I feel like he might be a not-so-great person. Can’t wait to dive into this one.


6 The Defiant – Lesley Livingston 34032775

I’ve read the first book in this series, The Valiant, last year before Lesley came to YALFEST NL and absolutely loved that book. Lesley was also an amazing person, she’s hilarious and was super sweet. I love that I have a picture with her and that I got my book signed. I don’t know what this second book is about but I do know we get to see our kickass heroïne again and that makes me incredibly happy.


17404295 7 Ice Like Fire – Sara Raasch

These books has been on my TBR and wishlist FOREVER. I really wanted the hardcover for these as the are stunning. A friend of mine sold hers so I got them for a pretty good bargain. After reading, and LOVING, the first book in this trilogy I can’t wait to read the rest. I also think winter is the perfect time of year to read these, as the story is about the kingdom of Winter. The first one was a pretty ‘simple’ fantasy, and I flew through it, I enjoyed myself so so much and I think that is the most important thing while reading.


8 Invictus – Ryan Graudin 33152795

I don’t own this one that long yet, I think it was released in September but I’m not certain about that little funfact. What I am certain about it that this book is about time traveling pirates and that is sounds incredible. While typing this I’m wondering why the hell I haven’t read this one yet. I’ve yet to pick up any of Ryan’s books even though Wolf by Wolf has been on my wishlist for quite while. So I’m not a 100% sure but I have a feeling I’ll really love this one.


22840421 9 My Lady Jane – Cynthia Hand, Jodie Meadows, & Brodi Ashton

This is another one that has been patiently waiting on my shelves for over a year. I’ve heard so many great stories about this novel and everyone keeps telling me that it’s hilarious. I love it when a book makes you laugh out loud and I hope this one will live up to its hype. I know it a retelling of Lady Jane with shapeshifters and that sounds so interesting. Paired with the great reviews it’s a shame I still haven’t read this one. The second book is coming out this year so it’s about time for me to catch up before that one releases.


10 Harry Potter Reread 72193

Apart from all these amazing sounding books I would also love to have something a bit lighter and something I already know as well. This makes it easier to breeze through it. I love Harry Potter so so much and I would love to reread the Harry Potter series (again…) in the winter. I love how magical this place feels and that’s one of the main reasons I want to read it in the winter at preferably aroung Christmas. I don’t think have to say more about this, every potterhead will probably agree with this.


What are some of the books on your winter TBR? And have you read any of these? If so what did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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0 thoughts on “TTT #5 | Books on My Winter TBR

  1. LOVE your choices!!

    I’ve got a couple of the same ones as well on my own list; ice like fire for example. I tried to focus on the books I NOW have in my collection. I’ll be looking into the ‘releases to come’ in a couple of weeks when we have a TTT topic about 2018 releases. There’s so much awesomeness coming our way I want to read. the Defiant for example as well, CAN’T WAIT!!!! And cruel Prince by Holly Black sounds so awesome, have it in pre-order over on

    I’m really excited for Truthwitch as well but don’t know if I’ll read it this winter, because there’s just so much I still need to read, lol. I divided my top ten Tuesday list in two; 5 printed editions from my shelves and 5 digital copies for my winter tbr.

    I put my Lady Jane on one of my Christmas wishlists, I’m so curious about that one! Heard great things about it! Invictus and the last Nimsara sound really awesome as well, they’re currently on my wishlist as well.

    1. I tried to think about which books I realistically will actually read. Which was pretty hard!! I really want to do an update at the end of the winter to see if I ended up reading any of these haha.
      The Defiant is the only one I don’t own yet/ordered yet so I guess that one has the smallest chance of actually being read haha, but since I enjoyed the first one so much I do really want to get to it this winter.

      I hardly ever look at my digital copies haha, wayyyyy to many books over there. I’m scared to count those towards my tbr so I just don’t. That would make it REALLY out of control.

      There are simply to many amazing books and I already have like 150 2018 releases I’m eyeing, lol 😂

      1. haha yeah I know the feeling. I’m a pre-order addict and I’m always doing a lot of research for upcoming releases and have been seeing a LOT for 2018 already as well. My hubby isn’t going to be happy with me next year lol

        1. Hahahaha, no surprises there right?
          I found this super extensive list boor 2018 releases and then added a bunch solely based on title, author or cover. After that I started reading the synopsis and holy hell there’s tons of amazing books coming our way!

  2. Truthwitch has been on my Autumn TBR, so hopefully, I`ll get to it soon. I`m also doing a Harry Potter marathon, where I`ll read the first 3 illustrated books in December and the next 4 books in January and February.

    Carmen / Carmen`s Reading Corner

    1. Hope you’ll get to Truthwitch soon, I’m super excited to read that one!
      That sounds like the perfect HP marathon, I’m hoping to get the third illustrated book for Christmas, but I’m I think I will read the first two illustrated editions as well <3

    1. I’ve reread the Harry Potter books so many times now! I used to reread all of them when a new one was coming out, but no matter how often I read them, they are so magical and they fill me with so much love <3
      I haven't read anything by Gaudin but all of her books sound super interesting. So I'm excited to get to that one!
      Happy TTT to you too!

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