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I have read the Off Campus series by Elle Kennedy, wel basically all except the last one. Those books are amazing. Earlier this year I read on Facebook that Elle Kennedy was bringing out her Out of Uniform series again. This time it was going to be six books instead of ten. The first six “books” are actually more like novellas, so they were divided over two books. I read the first installment earlier this year before the blog, but I have now read the second installment. All I can say is that these are awesome!



This cover is very interesting looking, haha. The guy’s head isn’t visible, but the body is nice. Once again, still not a fan of people on the cover. I’m starting to sound like a broken record.


I will have to do this differently than most books. This book has three shorter stories, so I will talk a little about each story. In the end I will give a little overall review. I have to say I like the warning given in the book before the stories start:

Warning: Contains dangerously hot Navy SEALS that give the phrase “going commando” whole new meaning.

Heat it Up. The book starts out with this story. We meet Becker and Jane. Becker recently joined this SEAL team and is getting over a divorce after a 14 year marriage. After rescuing a woman and getting shot in the shoulder, he runs into Jane after a physical therapy appointment. The woman Becker saved is Jane’s sister. Jane is a reporter and wants to interview Becker. He hates being the center of attention, so no way that is going to happen. As he tries to escape her, he grabs the elevator to get to his next appointment. Jane, who is normally afraid of elevators, wants the interview, so she runs into the elevator. The elevator gets stuck and she starts to panic. This is the last thing Becker needs and creates hilarious moments. To shut her up they end up sleeping together in the elevator. He’s not looking for a relationship and neither is he, but the chemistry they have is off the charts. They decide to be friends with benefits until she goes back to LA, but we all know that they develop more feelings. But will it turn into more? While laughing at the funny moments and being frustrated when the characters just don’t get it, I really enjoyed this book.

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Heat of the Night. We met Ryan in Heat it Up and he kind of had a thing for Jane. Seeing how she is with someone else, he needs someone to get over it. He has slept with his neighbor Claudia a few times (with his roomate Matt, yes they share everything, haha), so he goes to see if she can distract him. What he doesn’t know is that Claudia isn’t at home, but went and eloped with her on again off again boyfriend and her friend Annabelle is sleeping in her bed. So when he climbs in the bed, it creates hilarious moments. Annabelle is staying at Claudia’s for a few weeks, because her fiance just broke up with her. They have basically been together since they were three and he thinks she’s boring. Annabelle makes a list of things she would be willing to do in bed and after she threw this on the floor before going to bed it got caught in Matt’s clothes and he finds in the next morning. He is willing to help Annabelle work through her list and she decides to go for it, especially when she finds out her former fiancé is already moving on. This creates some funny moments, but also some steamy ones. Of course as the other books in this series more feelings are created, but can they overcome their different upbringing? Annabelle comes from a wealthy family and he comes from parents who didn’t want him and not much money growing up. I liked this story more than the first and that one was fun as well. I love the chemistry these characters have together and how things unfold.

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The Heat is On. Matt is another member of the team we have been reading about during these books. He sees himself as a badboy and doesn’t see the point of relationships. That until he meets Savannah during a bank robbery. They talk and at the end of the day Matt wants to see more of Savannah. He’s not sure what to do with this, because he’s never felt comfortable showing emotions. Savannah has had some heartache and grows bored in his relationships. She now sticks to friends with benefits and when the passion is gone she moves on to the next. Her feelings for Matt scare her. Can she be in a relationship that won’t become boring? I love the humor in this book and the funny situations that occur. Matt is sweet and tries his hardest to get Savannah to go on a date. Without realizing it he really is romantic and you can’t help but love him. Savannah is a hard working woman who loves her own flower business. She thinks she knows what she wants, but I like how Matt throws her off her feet. Once again the chemistry is perfect and Elle Kennedy makes you love these characters. We get more of the previous characters and it makes you want more!

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All in all this was a fast, easy read. I love that the characters from previous stories are mentioned and you learn more about what happens to them after we stop reading. I have to say it is rather fast and easy in this books when the characters sleep together, haha. I’m sure this does happen at times, but it’s not always really realistic to me. It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy these stories though! I will definitely read the next books in this series. So keep an eye out for the reviews of those when the books are released and I have had a chance to read them!

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