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Not too long ago I participated in the cover reveal of Recklessly Forbidden and was lucky enough to get an ARC of this book. When this review comes online it’s the day this book releases! To see what I thought of this book, keep on reading!

Recklessly Forbidden Emily Bowie Ecover


As I said in the cover reveal I think this is an interesting cover. As I’ve mentioned before I don’t like people on covers of books (what often happens with romance books). The nice thing about this one is that you don’t see the man’s face. It leaves a little left to your own imagination. Same with the couple on the bike. It’s not possible to make out all of the details. It’s nicely done.


Jewels and Tyson isn’t the love story you expect. They basically come from two different worlds. Jewels is a girl that doesn’t like being in the spotlights and that has been hard living on her family’s farm in Three Rivers. When her boyfriend gives an announcement the night of her graduation she decides it’s time for her to get away. Tyson comes from a rich family, is good at what he does and sleeps with pretty much any woman he wants. But a relationship? No way! Tyson doesn’t always do legal things while working, so this causes some sticky situations in the family business. Until he meets Jewels. His world changes. At first Jewels wants nothing to do with this arrogant guy. He keeps trying and eventually gets in. But can there relationship face her past and his family business?
I loved how even though they were both so different, they were still so interested in eachother. I love the funny moments, but also the serious ones. I love that there was a build up to their relationship. Of course the chemistry was there from the start, but the rest took time. Having the dual POV I was able to get in both of their minds. This makes the stories so much more interesting. Jewels really has a reason to stay away from Three Rivers, but is so loyal to her family she will risk her happiness to help. Tyson only thinks about himself in the beginning until Jewels walks in. He’s not used to those feelings or how to deal with them. This makes him think long and hard. I love the development these characters grow through. This book took place in a setting I’ve never read before. The ‘society’ was very interesting. The author managed to connect both of their worlds without them knowing about it and I loved that touch. The only reason this book didn’t get five stars was because the pacing was a bit slow for me at times. It took a long while to build up to the main event. This made the ending seem a bit too easy. Everything was solved before you knew it.

“One shot of vodka is not going to do. If I am going to make friends and play nice with Captain Playboy I will need another drink.”


Jewels is pretty insecure and doesn’t really trust men after what happened with her ex-boyfriend. She’s dropped out of college, because it’s not what she expected, but she doesn’t want to tell her family yet, because she doesn’t want to go home. She loves her family though, because even after everything when the ranch is in trouble she is willing to go far to get it back. Her walls are built up when it comes to men, but Tyson knows how to break them down one by one. She makes him work for it.

“I try not to judge myself that I am starting to go through my own checklist of date musts. Having a year in the big city, with knowing almost no one, I have had time to make my list as I read through a mountain of romance books. So far he has checked off two of my must haves.”

Tyson is your typical arrogant player. Or at least he is in the beginning. He’ll sleep with just about anyone woman he’s attracted to, but doesn’t even think of relationships. He’s from a rich family and in their “business”. He’s rather arrogant when it comes to how he thinks of his talents and doesn’t shy away from illegal things. This all changes when he meets Jewels. She turns his world around. He starts letting things get out of his hands and it kind of even gets dangerous. He is kind of controlling though. Tyson wants to arrange everything and keep it under control. Jewels doesn’t always accept that and that challenges him. Even with him being arrogant he has a lot of sweet moments.

“Everything about him screams he’s a woman magnet, from his perfectly tailored outfit, to his clean-cut hair, to his chiseled, clean-shaven jaw and smoldering dark brown eyes.”

recensie 4 kroontjes

All in all a really good book! I definitely want to read about the next Bennett brother and learn more about ‘The Society’.

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