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We are both fans of working on our bulletjournals and we were thinking of trying to put this on the blog somehow. I track what I read and I rate them as well. I decided to give you guys a look into how I track my books in my bulletjournal.

Every month I do a wrap up and book totals. I will start off with my wrap up.


When I rate my books in my bulletjournal I look at six different thing:

  • Plot: What did I think of the storyline?
  • Writing: What did I think of the author’s writing style?
  • Cover: Is the cover pretty or not?
  • Characters: Do I like the characters and their development in the story?
  • Pacing: Does the story build up at the right speed or is too fast/slow?
  • Enjoyment: How much did I really enjoy this book?

I rate these six things between 1 and 5. The average of these six ratings becomes my rating for the book. To be honest I have to learn to fill this in right after I read the book, haha. I often just rate the book and end up doing this at the end of the month. But most times I have to say they are just about the same.

When I’m done with my wrap up I can look at my totals for the whole month as pictured below.


I start off with the number of books I read that month and how many pages. I always think it’s interesting to see how many pages I read during the whole month. This amount always surprises me, because it never seems like it’s that many, haha. After that I split up my totals in three categories. How many of the books I read were written by a male of female. I look at the genre and the format I read them on. I don’t measure the exact space of the diagrams, but I try and make it clear. As you can see by the genre, I accidentally used the same color in the end, so you can’t see the difference between two genres (oops, no one is perfect though, haha). I travel a lot to go to work, so I read a lot of e-books. Carrying an e-reader in my bag is a lot easier than a book. Some of them can be pretty heavy, haha.

The last two things I look at are my average rating and how I’m doing with my goodreads challenge. As you can see in October my average rating was a 4.1 (I read a lot of good books) and I was at 119 out of 140 books for my goodreads challenge. Hopefully I can keep up reading like I have. If I do, I should be able to finish my challenge with no problem!

Do any of you keep track of your reading in a bulletjournal or some other type of reading log? We would also want to know if there’s anything else you want to see about our bulletjournals. We would like to make this a regular thing, so any ideas are welcome! Hope you enjoyed this little look inside my bulletjournal!

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  1. Love bullet journaling but I´m new at it so my pages don´t look this nice at all haha. But I have drawn a bookshelf where I write the books I´m reading this year on 😀

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