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We have been kind of lucky when it comes to authors coming here and other events lately. Last week we found out that Kristen Ciccarelli would have a meet and greet at a bookstore in Utrecht. That’s not too far for us, so we decided to go. Neither of us have read The Last Namsara, but we have heard nothing but good things about it.


The meet and greet was only going to be for an hour, so we decided to make an afternoon out of it. We started off at Starbucks to warm up. Then it was almost dinner time so we went to a tapas restaurant, where we started with amazing watermelon cocktails. We were both so full when we left, but it was so good. After that we took the couple minute walk to the bookstore and got to admire the holiday lighting hanging up. This time of year is so much fun! Little funfact: the first time we met up in real life was in Utrecht and we went to that same tapas restaurant! So happy memories lay there for us, haha.


We got to the bookstore and noticed some chairs and tables set up. They were a bit late to arrive, but once there she told us about the journey of her book and what made her write it. It’s hard to believe a book this popular was rejected over 80(!) times before 5 agents wanted her. She told us about how it was a little based on her relationship with her cousin who she was really close with and growing up around her big family that all lived close together. When there were no more questions, it was time for her to sign our books.



I had a really good time on Thursday. It was fun to meet up with Isabelle again and have fun talking about the blog and other books while we had some amazing food. We were able to think of some things we want to add to the blog, so make sure to keep an eye out. I also really enjoyed meeting Kristen Ciccarelli! She was so sweet and humble. I think it’s amazing that she kept on going even after being rejected so many times. She even really took her time with everyone to have a little chat and take pictures. We didn’t leave the store until after 8 (that’s when it was suppose to end) and she was still chatting with people. I’m slowly getting quite the collection of signed books. After being at this signing I am really curious about this book. Hopefully I will read it soon (even though I want to read so much at the moment, haha).



My copy of the book hasn’t arrived yet so I had to think of a solution for this signing, and I decided to make my own bookplate on a sticker for Kristen to sign. This way I can still have a personally signed copy of the book, and I will put that sticker in there the moment it arrives! I had a wonderful evening with Candyce, and like she said we talked about the blog for a while and had some nice ideas for the near future. Kristen was such a sweet lady and I loved meeting her. I was a bit sad that I hadn’t read the book yet and therefor couldn’t say anything about it but I’m excited to start it soon. I read somewhere that one of Kristens favourite books was Keturah and Lord Death and we talked about that for a little bit, I absolutely loved that book but don’t know anyone that has read it, so that was really fun. I love that Dutch publishers and bookstores are making such efforts to try and get authors to the Netherlands and I love supporting them <3

foto Isa Kristenbookplate


So that was our little adventure this week. We love that more authors have been visiting The Netherlands! Have any of you ever meet some of your favorite authors?

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  1. Love reading all of your bookish adventures. Sadly we mostly only have swedish authors signing here at home and I dont think people will find that fun to read about since they cant get hold of the books haha.

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