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I recently received a copy of Ascendant from the author in exchange for an honest review. This book sounded really interesting, so of course I accepted. To find out what I thought of this book, keep reading.



I love the “royal”cover. The crown on the pedestal. It also kind of seems like the bars are trying to keep them in. After reading the book I think the cover fits well. On Goodreads I saw a cover with just the crown and a black background. That was stunning as well.


I recently received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This book sounded really interesting and I have to say it is. The author has a way with words and had me sucked in at the beginning. We meet Princess Sybelle who recently became queen of Lionessa after her father passes away. Even though she knew this day would eventually come, she still doesn’t see herself as queen. With her emotions running high she doesn’t take the marriage proposal from the Prince of Evrad very well. It turns pretty dangerous and she has to make some pretty heavy decisions to keep her kingdom safe. The way the author described these moments was pretty haunting. I have to say that it took me awhile to connect to Sybelle, because at times she acted as a Queen and at other moments it seemed more like she was still pretty childish and throwing a temper tantrum when things didn’t go her way. This made it harder for the people in her kingdom to help her out. I did really enjoy how she wanted the people she had known all her life and worked for her now still to treat her as a friend. She stayed close to them. I liked the idea of how the politics were played out, but I think it would’ve been nice to see a bit more. I missed some of the details in why decisions were made or how they played out. The “battle” at the end was over pretty fast without being able to read more detail. While books shouldn’t be all about romance, I missed a bit of a love story. She connects to someone near the end and I would like to see more about that. This was an okay start to a new series and I am curious to see how it continues.


Sybelle is still pretty young and it’s clear she doesn’t really see herself as Queen. She knew it would happen one day, but she’s not sure how she is supposed to run a kingdom. Part of her is very strong as she tries to make decisions while being so emotional after her father’s death. Another part of her is still really childish in the sense that she doesn’t want to run the kingdom or for things to change. While I didn’t really connect to her and she irritated me at times I did see growth. Her decisions didn’t always make sense or it was hard to see where she was coming from, but she stood by them. This all while also trying to keep staff she has known all her life as friends as well.

Gyles was one of my favorites. He was a very sweet character and even while grieving he does his best to be there for Sybelle. There wasn’t a big deal about him being gay and the relationship with his boyfriend was really sweet. He was loyal to his kingdom and to Sybelle.

There are a few more characters that play a bigger role, but those were the ones that made an impression. It would be nice to see her love interesting play a bigger part in the next books.

recensie 3,5 kroontjes

While I didn’t always connect with the characters and missed a few things, I enjoyed reading this book. I hope to be able to read the next book and see if some of these things change. I’m curious to see how things will turn out!

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