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It’s time again for a Wishlist Wednesday! At first we had a different theme, but then our plans changed. This Thursday (so tomorrow) we are going to meet Kristen Ciccarelli. The author that wrote The Last Namsara. This book has dragons, so we decided to do a dragon Wishlist Wednesday. So here are some books we want that have dragons in them!


Firelight – Sophie Jordan

This book has been appearing in some Facebook groups I belong to and even in our group on Whatsapp with our bookbabes. Seems like the perfect combination of mystery, adventure and romance.

Talon – Julie Kagawa

Talon is another book I have seen mentioned all over the place and have heard a lot of good things about. Mixing dragons into the modern world sounds really interesting. Too bad I just made my Christmas list, haha. Oh well! There’s always my birthday next year!

Firebolt – Adrienne Woods

Books that start out with the main character not believing in fairy tales or supernatural things are always interesting. I love it when characters figure out more is going on in the world than they think possible.


The Hobbit – J.R.R. Tolkien

Definitely a classic, not about dragons perse but there’s a dragon in there and it plays a pretty big part. I’ve seen the movies, which I really enjoyed but I still haven’t gotten the book. There are so many stunning editions, I’m not even sure which one I would want. But I am sure that I want one!

Eon – Alison Goodman

I saw the sequel to this book somewhere years ago and have wanted to read it ever since. It’s been forever since reading the blurb and I’m not even sure what its about anymore. I do however remember thinking this book sounded great and I’ve seen so many good reviews for it.

Fablehaven – Brandon Mull

This is another book that isn’t just about dragons, however there are dragons in this series! This is a middle grade series, I really tend to enjoy the middle grade books I pick up (!), about a sanctuary for mythical creatures. I’m super intrigued and would love to get my hands on this one.


Eragon – Christopher Paolini

Now this series has been on my tbr forever. I feel like it’s a classic dragon novel and I’m almost ashamed to admit I don’t own this one nor have a read it…. I’m not even sure what its about other than dragons. Shame on me, I know!

The Tea Dragon Society – Katie O’Neill

This graphic novel has been on my wishlist for quite a bit before the release date but I somehow forgot about it?! I’m so happy this article sparked my interest for it once again haha. I’ve read only positive reviews and it sounds and looks super cute. I think it also has a unique take on dragons.

The Waking Fire – Anthony Ryan

I’ve heard about this book on booktube and thought it sounded really interesting. The book also looked really thick, which made me a bit hesitant. However I just looked it up and it has 592 pages which makes it a big book but not really that huge. So that shouldn’t keep me from it! This book has drakes in it, not exactly dragons but close enough for me to include it. It looks like this story has a super interesting magic system where they use the blood of those drakes for power. Count me in!

These are couple of the books featuring dragons that are on our wishlist. Do you have any good recommendations for books about dragons? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. There’s a lot of great choices on your list. Firelight was a good read. Firebolt is one that’s been sitting on my Goodreads “shelf” for a while.
    Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous

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