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November is starting off good! In the first few days I managed to finish reading two books and already have a review reading for you guys! I love sports romance and this time I read one that is Young Adult. If you want to find out more about this book keep reading.



I love this cover!! It’s the perfect combination of sports and girly, haha. It just jumps out at me.


This book has been on my radar for quite awhile and I finally got to read it. I have to say it was a lot different than I expected it to be, but in a good way. I loved Eva and Rob. Especially the prologue reading about them meeting one another the first day of Freshman year. I really hoped we would read they became the best of friends, but life happened. We start at the beginning of senior year and they end up being partners in biology. Things have happened and Eva doesn’t trust guys that much. Especially jocks. Her exboyfriend was one. Rob hasn’t had the easiest time in highschool with a lot of rumors going around that aren’t true. The same is the case for Eva. Rob has always felt something for her, but can he change her mind and will the Bio Effect influence them at all? It was an interesting journey to read and I liked that there wasn’t insta love. The trust really had to grow and it turned in to a good friendship! I haven’t read development like that in quite some time. This book also covers what happens a lot in high school. How rumors are spread and how much it really changes someone’s life. Whether true or not, gossip is pretty damaging. I really wish kids these days would realize that! The only reason this book didn’t get five stars was because I missed a little interaction between Eva and her friends and more of their home life at times. The way this book ended though makes me want the second book right away! The fact that the author took a little detail in the book and turned it into a cliffhanger was pretty impressive. Even though this book is pretty serious with some of the subjects, there are a lot of funny moments!

“Thanks for being my damsel in shining armor tonight.”


Eva is insecure and she has a reason to be. She was teased during middleschool and is hoping to avoid that in highschool. Eva lives at home with her mother, sister and grandparents. We know her father left, but not exactly what happened. I would’ve liked to know more about that. She has a few close friends and they keep her sane. The rumors that spread after she went out with Eddie really hurt her. She put up a wall and doesn’t put it down for any guy. Especially Rob. The guy she was interested in who changed a lot sophmore year. As Eva spends more time with Rob she wants to open up, but isn’t quite sure how. Eva grows a lot in this book. I just hope the cliffhanger this book ends with doesn’t mess her up too much.

“Very few people know this about me, but I’m a sucker for a good romance. I just don’t usually believe they happen outside the realm of fantasy. And this is another clear cut case of why I believe that. Nothing is ever as easy as it seems in fiction.”

Rob would appear to be a typical jock, but this isn’t the case. He pretends to be after being tired of being made fun of because he is still a virgin and his fellow football players have and won’t let it go. Once rumors spread that he sleeps with many girls and is pretty “manly” all girls want from him is one thing (while it’s normally the other way around). Rob really is a sweet, sensitive and insecure guy who still likes the same girl since 9th grade, but doesn’t think he stands a chance. I have to say he is determined. He won’t give up on Eva and wants to prove to her that he isn’t the same as other guys.

“Yeah, that’s me. I’m the big bad football jock who is a closet loser and has been pining away for years over a girl who couldn’t care less about me.”

recensie 4 kroontjes

I do have to say that even though this book is Young Adult there is a lot of talk about sex and a lot of swearing. I would recommend this book for the older Young Adults! I noticed this series has four books. This will keep me busy for awhile! The review to the second one will definitely be posted on the blog in November. Have you read this book?

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