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This book has been on my radar since last fall, it sounded like the perfect fall/Halloween read and I was so happy to get it this summer. Obviously I just had to read it this October and now would also be the perfect time to review it. If you’re interested to see what I thought of Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco then keep on reading.stalking jack the ripper


I really like this cover! I usually don’t like actual people on covers but since you can’t really see the girls face on this one I don’t mind it at all. And I do like that she holds a dagger. Her clothes show off the time period off the book right away and I love the city on the bottom of the cover. I like the details in this one and think it works quite well for this book.


I thought the premise of this book was super interesting, Jack the Ripper is such an elusive criminal and a female main character that studies pathology in that time period? Count me in! However I guessed the big ‘plot twist’ so to say before I even started the book. It was pretty predictable in my opinion and that was definitely a shame.
Apart from that twist I really liked the plot. There are several women being murdered in London, Audrey Rose works with her uncle to study forensic medicine against her father’s whishes and she tries to uncover the identity of Jack the Ripper. The book has pictures from that time in it and some sketches from forensic medicine. This gave the book an extra layer that I enjoyed so much. Even though I already guessed the twist this book kept me interested the whole time. In the end I like it mostly for the characters but I also enjoyed reading about the forensic medicine and how Audrey Rose had to sneak around and disguise herself to actually be able to study. The setting increased my enjoyment since I love London and this time period is great as a time for a novel, especially one like this! It’s creepy enough to read it around Halloween but it’s never extremely scary.

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Audrey Rose is our main character, she’s pretty likeable but not super memorable. She was fine as a main character but she didn’t make a lasting impression. I’ve already forgotten most of her since reading the book. I did really like that she was ambitious and did what it took to study and work with her uncle. However the whole chasing Jack the Ripper thing made her unneccessarily reckless and a bit dumb.
Thomas was a great love interest! He’s sassy and a bit arrogant and I just think that makes for a perfect book boyfriend, that’s the way I like them 😉 It was so much fun reading about him and I liked the dynamic between the two.

All in all I don’t have that much to say about this book, I realised that while writing this review haha. I enjoyed the plot and the characters, mostly Thomas 😉 It was a bit disappointing that I guessed the twist right away but the book kept me interested! I would recommend this book if you want to read something a tiny bit creepy and you’re okay with reading about forensic medicine since it can get a bit graphic. If that’s what you’re looking for you will definitely enjoy this book!

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6 thoughts on “Review | Stalking Jack the Ripper – Kerri Maniscalco

  1. Love your review ❤
    I have Hunting Prince Dracula but not this book, do I need to read this frost or can they be read as a standalone do you know? ?

    1. Thank you! No Hunting Prince Dracula is definitely a sequel and would give you spoilers about the first book so I would recommend getting Stalking Jack the Ripper first!

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