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We were tagged by our friend Melissa from Melissa’s Book World to talk about what books we would fill our time capsule with. We can only choose five books to lock up in there for the next 25 years. Keep on reading to see what books we want to open back up in 25 years.

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We decided to do this a little bit different than we’re supposed to, haha. Seeing how we run this blog with the two of us, we decided to join forces. We are making it so we get 10 books in our time capsule. Four books that both of us would love to have in there and then we each get three of our own books!

Books we both want

1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone


We’ve already both mentioned that we are major fans of Harry Potter, so of course this is our number one book to put in the time capsule! We honestly think this series will still have something to offer in 25 years! It’s that magical.

2. Throne of Glass – Sarah J Maas


This book is special to both of us. If it wasn’t for a readalong of this series we wouldn’t have joined the same WhatsApp group. Without that we wouldn’t be friends and we wouldn’t have met the amazing girls we are now pretty close with because of the readalong. Basically our blog wouldn’t exsist if it wasn’t for this series, haha! Besides that this series is amazing and so well written, that we really believe that it will still be read in 25 years!

3. Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell


Fangirl is one of our all time favourite books, probably our favourite contemporary ever! It has such relatable characters and it has it’s own Harry Potter. We think this book will still be super relatable in 25 years and people will for sure love it.


4. Six of Crows – Leigh Bardugo


This book has the most amazing cast of characters and that will not have changed in 25 years. Leigh Bardugo wrote such a rich world with the Grishaverse in general and Six of Crows in particular. Most of the main characters are pretty grey morally speaking. Even though they’re the good guys, they’re also thieves and gang members. We both just LOVED this duology.


5. Illuminae – Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff


This book is so unique that I just had to put it in the time capsule. The future generations have to have the chance to read this amazing book! I have never read anything like it. It’s told through chats, reports, drawings, etc. I can’t wait for the last book next year! I need it now!

6. November 9 – Colleen Hoover


This book had me in tears a lot of the time while reading, haha. It is such a beautiful book though! I would suggest just about every Colleen Hoover book, but seeing how I can only choose a few I chose this one. Any book by her needs to be read! This woman knows how to write!

7. Obsidian – Jennifer L Armentrout


The LUX series is an all time favorite mine and I love the world Jennifer L Armentrout created. There are some hot aliens, haha, and the main character is a bookwork. That’s a good combination if you ask me! I have said this a lot this past year, but I really need to read these again!


8. A Darker Shade of Magic – V.E.  Schwab


V.E. Schwab is one of my favourite authors and I knew I wanted to include a book by her. I picked the Darker Shade of Magic trilogy because of the world the Victoria created (magical Londons, what more can you want?) but mostly its characters. Kell is great and Lila is pretty inspiring (to me at least). I really enjoyed the development of the characters over the three books and I can not wait for the spin off series.

OH, AND OBVIOUSLY FOR THE COAT!!!! In 25 years someone better has figured out a way to get me a coat like that ๐Ÿ˜‰


9. Uprooted – Naomi Novik


I love Beauty and the Beast retellings and this is my favourite. It’s also a stand alone which is pretty rare in fantasy. I loved this book so much, it read like a fairytale and it had so much going on. I really think this book would still be loved in 25 years and hopefully it will get more attention than it does now. Somehow I don’t see this book mentioned that often and that’s such a shame.

10. Triptych – Karin Slaughter


It was sรณ hard to pick this last one, I had a ton of book I wanted to pick but ultimately had to go for a Karin Slaughter thriller. She truly is the queen of crime and deserves a spot in this time capsule. I enjoy thrillers a lot and Karin Slaughters thrillers are simply the best. I choose this particular one because its the first in Will Trent’s serie but also got Sara as a main character and it might actually be the first one I personally read.


These are the books we would put in our time capsule at this moment. We have so many favorites that our choices could be different if we were to write this again next week, haha. What books would you take with you? We would love to know!

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  1. ahhhh men, I feel so bad now for not putting November 9, Obsidian and ILLUMINAE in there..
    But well, it was just horrible to choose only 5 book(series). Maybe I’ll write a 2.0 edition in the future, lol. Like your choices!!

    1. Haha, there are too many books to choose from. As we said, if we were to write it next week it would probably be different. We can always share time capsules ๐Ÿ˜‰

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