Wishlist Wednesday| Anticipated Releases November

The month is almost over, so we’re back to tell you about the books we are looking forward to that will be released in November. We aren’t sorry if this post makes your wallet a little lighter, haha. If you want to read more about the book, click on the title. It will take you to the Goodreads page. This post won’t be as long as last month’s post as I feel like more releases will be a bit closer to Christmas 😉 But there are still a ton of books we would love to get!


Renegades – Marissa Meyer  (November 7th)

This book is one that has been highly anticipated. The Lunar Chronicles is amazing and Marissa Meyer’s writing style as well. We can’t wait to see what she does with this series!

Twelve – Jennifer Lynn Barnes  (November 7th)

As a fan of The Naturals, this one can’t be forgotten. I (Candyce) still need to read the last book in the series, but Isabelle has read them all and loved them! If you love Criminal Minds this is definitely a series you need to read.

The City of Brass – S.A. Chakraborty (November 14th)

This debut sounds super intriguing! It’s a fantasy set in a Middle Eastern kingdom, it involves magic, a con artist and a djinn warrior. That all sounds like a story I definitely want to read. Super excited for this one.


Kids Like Us – Hilary Reyl (November 14th)

To me books like this have always seemed interesting, more so after I went to college. Autism is a subject that is very interesting and something that can out itself in so many forms. I like that more and more authors are approaching the subject and making people more aware that it can be seen in more way than one. I hope this story does that as well!

Kat and Meg Conquer the World – Anna Priemaza (November 7th)

Books that use gaming and other media to show friends can be made all over the place always interest me. This seems like a fun book that will make us love the characters.

The Becoming of Noah Shaw – Michelle Hodkin (November 7th)

After reading Mara Dyer, I loved Noah! I was so happy that this trilogy was announced. I already have this one preordered and can’t wait until it’s delivered!



The Speaker – Traci Chee (November 7th)

Last year I got The Reader for Christmas and I think I read it in two sittings. It was such a beautiful book and I loved the hidden message that could be found. Besides the beautiful cover, I hope the story is just as interesting as the first book.

The Fortunate Ones – R.S. Grey (November 1st)

As you saw awhile back, we helped do the cover reveal of this book. If you want to see that, click here. R.S. Grey is an amazing writer, so this one is a mustread.

Darker – E.L. James (November 28th)

This is kind of a guilty pleasure, haha. To be honest, I actually enjoyed Grey better than the actual book. For some reason his point of view is more interesting to me.


This Mortal Coil – Emily Suvada (November 7th)

This cover alone has me interested in a book, I mean it is STUNNING! The premise sounds interesting enough, but could also be a total bust I’m afraid. I guess we’ll just have to wait and read it to find out. It involves a hacker and technology that can recode your DNA. Can’t wait to find out what that world looks like.

Almost Midnight – Rainbow Rowell (November 2nd)

I love Fangirl and Carry On by Rainbow Rowell so I’m always interested in books she writes. Almost Midnight contains two short stories with geeky themes. Fangirl is one of the most relatable books I’ve ever read so I have high hopes for these ones.

Runebinder – Alex R. Kahler (November 14th)

When I saw this cover, at first I thought this was a sequel in the Novice series, it’s so similar! But that’s also why I’m interested in it to be honest haha. This is another fantasy series that sounds interesting enough. I’m especially curious to see what path the main character chooses.


Fragments of the Lost – Megan Miranda (November 14th)

This one actually seems like a perfect Halloween read. As a reader you try and figure out what actually happened and who was involved. If they throw in an unreliable narrarator it’s a perfect read. This one seems really interesting!

Not Now, Not Ever – Lily Anderson (November 21st)

I didn’t realise this was actually a sequel when I put it on my TBR. However it sounds like it involves different characters than book 1. I don’t read contemporaries too often but this one has a ton of great sounding ingredients.

No Saints in Kansas – Amy Brashear (November 14th)

This is a reimagining of Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood. Now that alone has me intrigued. At the start of the book there’s a quadruple murder and I like me some mysteries. It sounds like there is a lot going on in this book and I for one can’t wait to read it.


Whichwood – Tahereh Mafi (November 14th)

I think this is a companion novel to Furthermore, which I still need to read… I love this cover and the premise sounds great. I think the world is Persian inspired which I really like and the main character washes the bodies of the dead and prepares their souls for the afterlife. Can’t wait to find out what that means.

Rosemarked – Livia Blackburne (November 7th)

Another stunning cover! I saw this book all over Bookstagram yesterday and quickly added it to the list. This is another fantasy, my favorite genre so that’s always good, with a slow burning romance, just the way I like my romances. One of the main characters is a healer who cannot be healed and that just gripped me right away.

R.I.P. Eliza Hart – Alyssa B. Sheimel (November 28th)

This book has a murder, a boarding school, and a former best friend trying to prove her innocence. Those ingredients make up a great murder-mystery! I hope it has a great and surprising plottwist.

So these are the books we are looking forward to in November! Did we miss any books that you are hoping to get?

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  1. I’m anticipating City of Brass and This Mortal Coil too. I was lucky enough to receive an eARC of Renegades from NetGalley, I can’t wait to dive into this one I loved Heartless and I’m currently reading Cress. There’s a couple more here to that I’ve not heard of but have piqued my interest. Thanks for this post.
    Gemma @ http://www.gemmasbooknook.blogspot.com

    1. So jealous of that eARC haha! We both really enjoyed the Lunar Chronicles but I’m ashamed to say that I (Isabelle) still need to read Heartless… I’ve owned two copies for a year now and still haven’t read them, oops.
      Happy we found some that piqued your interest 🙂

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