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I was given the chance to read this book recently and absolutely loved it. This book had me laughing out loud while reading the first few pages. If you want to know more about this book, keep on reading.



Just looking at this cover I had a feeling it was going to be a funny book. I love the font that was used. After reading the book though I have to say that the key moment in the book wasn’t exactly in a bed, haha.

“Mom, Dad, I know you haven’t met Jeff yet. But we’ve decided to combine DNA and breed new life into the world.”


“I love how you let your weird light shine so brightly.”

The story follows Henley and Jeff who meet on an airplane. Even though Jeff can’t say anything without it sounding wrong, they end up dating and fall in love. After one wild night at Jeff’s brother’s wedding, Henley ends up pregnant. This leads to some funny, but very sincere moments. Jeff is so sweet with her and is definitely on the list of perfect bookboyfriends. Yes, he could’ve done a few things different, but no one is completely perfect! I loved Henley’s best friend Tamara. She is there for Henley even when she has her own little ones running around. And she is one of the characters that creates a lot of hilarious moments as well. I have never been pregnant, so I can’t completely relate, but I can imagine this will be a book I revisit when it’s my time. It was hilarious at the right moments, but could be serious at times as well. This author had me laughing out loud while reading the first few pages. She really knows how to write.

“Those two are a match made in heaven if heaven were a high school locker room full of fart jokes and ridiculous sexual innuendos.”


“Low maintenance friendships bonded by alcohol and a general love at things such as sports on TV, children and significant others.”

Henley is a teacher during the day and enjoys this job. When she meets Jeff and things start getting serious she sees him as the one “for now”. It’s hard for her to picture a serious relationship. She hasn’t had much luck with guys, so this seems a bit too good to be true. When she gets pregnant she automatically thinks he will leave her and is surprised when it doesn’t turn out that way. Henley had and still has a rough relationship with her parents. Being an only child a lot was expected of her. So telling her mom and dad she’s pregnant before married is a disaster for her. I felt really bad for Henley during this experience. She finally realizes Jeff isn’t going anywhere and is comfortable in their relationship. In the end she has to deal with motherhood and it hits her hard. Luckily she has Tamara who knows just how to be there for her.

Jeff is really funny. He likes Henley from the start and doesn’t know quite how to say the right words, haha. This creates some pretty funny situations. His parents are rich, but that’s how he puts it. They have money, he works for his own. He knows Henley is the one from him and does everything he can to support her. Even lets her film him trying out a product she got at the babyshower. This creates quite a few funny moments. You will know exactly what I mean when you read it, haha. How he proposed just made me melt. It was so romantic. That’s how proposals should be, haha. Jeff has struggles of his own, but in the end all he wants is the best for his family.

Tamara is the best friend everyone needs. She has triplet boys at home. They keep her busy, but she loves them to pieces. She sometimes tells you a bit too much about her personal life, haha, but she does it with a smile on her face. She knows when something is wrong with Henley and tries to support her in any way she can. While drinking from her sippy cup of wine, haha.

“It reminds me of the time we tried dirty talking and failed miserably. We both ended up in fits of laughter.”

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If you love books that can make you laugh out loud and seem sweet and sincere, this is a book for you! I can’t speak from personal experience, but I’m sure mothers out there will be able to relate to what Henley goes through as well! Have you read any good romantic comedies lately?

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