Unboxing | Fairyloot October Box


This weekend I received my October Fairyloot, it was a bit earlier than expected so I was super happy. I decided it was the perfect time to shoot a new video. So if you’re curious to see what was in this months Fairyloot, watch my youtube video down below!

I used to post videos every week on my Dutch Booktube channel. It’s been a while since my last video and I figured this was the perfect opportunity to start filming them in English. I was definitely nervous about doing it in English so I really hope you all enjoy it!


Thank you so much for watching! Would you like more videos in the future? Let me know in the comments. And what item did you like best?

afsluiting isa

0 thoughts on “Unboxing | Fairyloot October Box

  1. YES on the more videos!! And THE BALLOONS!!!! hahaha I still see you walking around with them, scaring everyone within a 5feet radius while walking towards Utrecht CS buahwhahaha.
    Love your video, as always and this box is soooo awesome hsbdghjbdgfbdhjfgdfg

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