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We had a busy day yesterday. It started out in Tilburg to go to Paper Passion (how that was will be posted next week, so keep an eye out). Then we headed to Utrecht to meet Jennifer L Armentrout! This event was arranged by the Dutch publisher Zomer & Keuning and we are very thankful they did. We were a bit late, because the trains decided to have issues and it took us a lot longer to get where we needed to be. Luckily we finally made it and it was amazing!

The Event



The event started out with an interview and she answered some interesting questions. She told us some stuff about her favorite characters, one of them is Luc. The hardest book for her to write was The Problem With Forever. She told us she thinks it’s really special when a reader shares with her that one of her books helped them through something. Jennifer also really appreciates that fans take time and follow her social media. She notices this because she gets gifts that are related to what she posts on social media at signings. After the interview the audience was split in two groups. One group started with standing in the line to have their books signed and a picture with Jennifer and the other group got to walk around to look at the other activities. There was a photobooth, fake tattoos, a couple stands to buy bookish items and you could vote for the cover of the translation of Till Death coming out next year. After 45 minutes the groups switched.

Event Impression



Ever since I found out she would be visiting The Netherlands I knew I needed to go! She is one of my favorite authors, so of course I bought tickets the day it was announced they were available. When we arrived I really loved the fact how intimate it was. There weren’t hundreds of people. That was really nice. I loved hearing her answer questions about her books and her opinions on favorite characters in the book she’s written. I’ve read a lot of her books, so most of the time I knew what she was talking about, haha. She mentioned that when Luc’s book comes out he’s going to kick Daemon off of his throne as an awesome character. I still can’t believe this, because come on, Daemon is just WOW, haha. So I can’t wait until that book comes out, because I need to know why she said that. She mentioned the new series she has coming out next year and that one sounds amazing as well. I will definitely preorder that one. And then finally I got to meet her. She is so sweet. I asked her how her trip was and she said she loved it here and understands that a lot of Americans move here. I actually could say I understood that, because I was one of them, haha. She asked me where I was from and then I got to take a picture with her. Those moments always go by fast, but it was an amazing experience. I am so happy I got to be there. The other activities there were fun to explore while waiting. I really enjoyed myself!


I’m almost scared to say it but I hadn’t read an Armentrout book yet. However I love meeting authors, especially when they fly all the way out here. So I didn’t want to miss out on this chance and since everyone I know who’s read her books just loves them I knew this was the perfect time to finally pick some up. I read If There’s No Tomorrow last week as an ebook. So friday I actually had to go to the bookstore first to pick up  a physical Jennifer L Armentrout book to get signed. I decided on LUX! I’m interested in reading it and everyone seems to love it. At the event I also got the first book in her Wait for Me series since we got book 6 in our goodiebag. I was one of the last people in line and was allowed to have all three of them signed! That was so sweet <3 However it was so embarrassing when I got on the stage to meet her and her first question was which book out of those 3 I liked best, aaaaaaaaaaah. I decided to be honest and told her I hadn’t read them yet, BUT that I did read If There’s No Tomorrow and loved it so that she got a new fan ๐Ÿ˜‰ So since I hadn’t read any of the books that were talked about in the interview it went a bit over my head but it did make me more enthousiastic to read her books! And it was so fun seeing Candyce nodding and smiling at all her comments haha. I also got the chance to buy some bookish goodies at the Celebrate Books stand and a bookish candle (yes ANOTHER one!) at the Letters & Lights stand. So I did spend quite some money but I’m super happy with everything I got. AND I got



At the beginning of the event everyone received a bag  with a book and goodies. The book we got is the sixth book in Jennifer’s Wait for You series.



I think it’s a cute bag. Unfortunately I mostly read English and have read most of this series in English, but I can make a friend happy with this book. So it won’t go to waste. I used to read Cosmogirl all the time as a teenager, so I thought it was cute to see it again.


It was really nice that we got a goodiebag with a book in it! I was low key hoping it would be a book from a different author because I figured most people there had Jennifers books. But it was really nice that it was such a new book. Unfortunatly I haven’t read any book in this series yet so I felt obliged to buy the first book haha. I read Dutch books every now and then so it was fine and it was great getting them signed. I also really like the stickers that came with the book!


All in all a great event. We hope to get more events like this in The Netherlands, because it’s always fun meeting authors you love. Have you met any of the authors you love?

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  1. Sounds like a really fun day! ๐Ÿ˜€ I still havenยดt read anything by this author but next year I will definitely read one. Which one do you recommend? ๐Ÿ˜€

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