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Isabelle and I will be going to meet Jennifer L Armentrout on October 20th. So when this comes online it will only be a few days away. I thought it would be appropriate to have a review about a book written by this wonderful author posted in the same week that we go see her. If There’s No Tomorrow is her latest book and I loved it. To find out more about what I thought about this book continue reading!



Lately I have been seeing nothing but beautiful covers. This is one of them! I love the colors and how it’s puzzled together. Before the book was released I saw the video of the cover being made. Very creative!



This books is split into three parts: yesterday, today and tomorrow. It starts off with a scene in a hospital and you really don’t understand what has happened. That kind of confused me in the beginning, but you do eventually understand. Lena is kind of a “geek”, she loves books and dives into that world when she can. She has a couple of best friends, one who she plays volleyball with. She has her next few years planned out: finish highschool, hopefully get a volleyball scholarship and spend time with her best friend Sebastian who lives next door. She’s had a crush on him for quite awhile and isn’t sure he feels the same, so doesn’t say anything. Life has its ups and downs, but goes pretty well until she goes to a party at a classmate’s house and something tragic happens. I’m not going to say much about that. It kind of gives away a lot of what happens. Which then leads us into today and what the aftermath of this tragic event does to all the characters. Lena blames herself and pushes her friends and Sebastian away. Everything really, she doesn’t think she deserves it. Then after therapy and Sebastian who doesn’t give up on her who try and be there for her, she finally starts making her way through her grief. Her relationship with Sebastian goes through some interesting changes as well. This book was very emotional and I needed tissues quite a few times. It’s a subject that is seen a lot in the news and I think it’s awesome that Jennifer L Armentrout wrote a book like this. I can’t imagine it was easy for her, because this book seeme really realistic. I finished this book two weeks ago and still think about it regularly. Nobody thinks it will happen to them, but it can happen to everyone. I know this is really vague, but I wanted to write a review and let people experience this in their own way. I wouldn’t have wanted to know what happened before I read it. It takes away from the impact it has!




I could totally relate to Lena. The first things we read about her are about books. That she can’t wait to get home and read and that there are books scattered everywhere. And when it’s mentioned that she reads a couple of my favorite books I was sold, haha.

Sebastian is your typical highschool jock who plays football. He’s really good at it, but you come to find out he really doesn’t want to continue with it during his college career, but he has a father who is determined that he will take that path. After the tragic event Sebastian won’t leave Lena’s side even when she doesn’t want him there. He is so loyal and so caring. He’s one of the good examples of a perfect bookboyfriend. While he is dealing with grief as well he comes to terms with needing to tell his father what he really wants, because tomorrow isn’t promised. I thought that it was a really good lesson.


This was such an emotional and realistic book. As you can see I can’t explain too much about it without giving away a lot of the plot. To a certain point I think you need to go in this book a bit blind about the events that are going to take place. It will give you the experience that I think this book is really meant to give. Jennifer L Armentrout was able to really get under my skin with this book and make me feel what someone would feel after an event like this. It is something that still happens too often and I hope this wakes people up!


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