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We both happened to get a copy of this book to read and review. It sounded interesting to both of us, so we decided after we read it to review it together. We decided we will do more buddyreads than just once a month if we both happen to read the same book. Or in this case get the same book to review.



So this book had the cover we posted above, but while getting the chance to read and review, we also get the chance to show you all the brand new cover which is amazing as well! So here it is:


The old cover was beautiful, but this one is stunning. We both think it was a good choice that she changed the cover. The idea of the new cover is similar but it looks a lot more professional and like we said,it’s stunning.


Candyce: I was immediately intrigued by this plot. It sounded really interesting. Kira doesn’t have it easy. Everybody in the small town she lives in thinks that her mother killed her sister and the herself. That’s not easy to live with when kids are bullying you with it. Luckily she has her best friend Sean. Except everything changes one night at a party after she has a drink. Her whole life changes, but she’s not sure how or why yet. The mystery of this book was really interesting. I wanted to know what happened and why. Nothing is as it seems and there are some Celtic legends involved that she heard about as a child. I don’t know much about Celtic legends, so this sounded really unique. While reading the first part of the book I was really curious to find out what Caleb was and how it played together with Kira. Sometimes it seemed like decisions came out of nowhere or didn’t seem like something the character would do. I felt like I was missing something at times.

Isabelle: The author made the book sound quite intriguing so I really wanted to read it. I haven’t read to many books surrounding seacreatures/myths/legends so to say and this was a great one to get me going. I agree with Candyce on basically everything haha. I was definitely curious while reading the book, there are some unspoken things that you just really want to figure out and that was done quite well. However some of the ‘discoveries’ seemed quite sudden, the way you find out what Caleb is was a bit disappointing to me. The pacing seemed off at times and that took away some of the enjoyment. I did immensely enjoy reading about these Celtic legends and liked the overall stories. But like Candyce said, some of the decisions didn’t feel logical to me, especially the decisions surrounding the ending.


Candyce: I loved Kira’s grandmother and how even though it seemed she wasn’t all there she knew a lot more than she let on. Sean was also a favorite character of mine and I loved how you knew there was more there, but it took awhile to play out. Sean was the boy next door and I thought he was so sweet. He knows Kira so well and she doesn’t have to say anything for him to know what she means. I like that he wants to protect her from everything and everyone. He even takes it quite well when Kira’s life is turned upside down. Caleb was the mysterious boy of the story. While reading his chapters I really wanted to know more about him, but sometimes it felt like he was missing some depth. In the end we still didn’t know much about him. The only character that confused me is Lynn. You learn about her while reading chapters through Caleb’s POV. She is involved in certain events, but doesn’t seem to serve much purpose for the story after that.

“Because now she was more than my secret love. She was also my friend. And friends don’t walk away, even when death looms near.”

Isabelle: I liked Kira as a main character and understood her for most of the story. However, like I said some decisions towards the ending didn’t come natural to me and I think the story and Kira’s development were a bit rushed there. Riley was a very interesting character and after learning more about her I could definitely see where she was coming from and everything she did made sense even though I didn’t agree with her or even like her all that much haha. Like Candyce said, Kira’s grandma and Sean were great character and were very lovable. Caleb did seem a bit less developed than Kira, Riley and Sean. His actions at the end of the story felt very sudden and weren’t all too believable in my opinion. Lynn seemed like an unneccesary character. She was there for one important scene and then kind of took off. I would’ve liked more involvement for her. I think the ending should’ve been a bit more developed, both character wise and plot wise for the story to become even better.


Candyce: The world the author created was magical/spooky. The house near the ocean with a cliff. The trees and all of their branches near the house. I thought this fit really well with the Celtic legends the author was creating her story with. I loved that the book was told from both Kira and Caleb’s POV. The secret behind what they are was kept secret for quite awhile. That made the story interesting and kept me guessing, but I think it should’ve been revealed a bit earlier. This made certain events or the character’s decisions seem a bit out of place at times or the timing didn’t seem completely right.

Isabelle: I very much enjoyed this world, it was described so well and livid. It felt like I was there and I could hear the ocean and the treebranches. This was very well done and like Candyce said it fit so well with the Celtic legends. It made me enjoy the story and made it a pretty quick read. If you like to read about sea or Celtic legends and myths I would definitely recommend this book!

recensie 3,5 kroontjes

All in all this was a very interesting and enjoyable book. We both would like to know how everything goes with the characters after the end of this book. Have you read this book? Or do you have any recommendations that are like this book?

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