September Wrap Up

At the beginning of every month we will give you guys a look into the books we read the previous months. If you have read any of the books we have read we would love to hear from you. What did you think of them?



This month actually wasn’t a good reading month for me. I normally read a lot more than I did in September. I read a total of eight books this month. Besides the books on the pictures I read four e-books which I will talk about below. I think this was a slower month for me, because Isabelle and I were starting up this blog. It definitely took up some reading time. It was well worth it though!

Shadow & Bone – Leigh Bardugo

This series has been on my shelf for ages and I have wanted to read it for awhile. Earlier this year I read the Six of Crows series (I know a lot of people read these series the other way around, haha) and really enjoyed it. A couple friends (Adinda & Kaylee, that are in our bookgroup as well) decided to buddyread it and I joined in. I flew through this book and was happy to be back in the Grisha world. The Darkling was very intriguing, haha. I hope to read Siege & Stone in the near future.

Wonder Woman: Warbringer – Leigh Bardugo

This book was one that I have wanted since I found out it was going to be published. I almost started this book right after it was delivered. It took me a few chapters to really get into this book, but once I did I enjoyed this book so much. The worldbuilding, the humor and the characters made this book really good. There were a couple of plottwists that I didn’t see coming. I don’t know if it was just the storyline or Wonder Woman, because I don’t know all that much about her backstory. I would definitely love another Wonder Woman book though. Leigh Bardugo is an amazing writer.

What to Say Next – Julie Buxbaum

I read Tell Me Three Things last year and thought it was amazing, so it was pretty obvious I would pick up the next book by Julie Buxbaum. I am so happy I did. This was such a cute and touching story and I finished it in two sittings. I didn’t want to put it down. You can read my review of this book on Saturday, so keep an eye out for it!

Tower of Dawn – Sarah J Maas

This book came out at the beginning of the month and seeing how I have been waiting for this one for ages it was raised to the top of my tbr. I loved this book! It met my expectations and so much more. I’m not going to say too much though. Our buddyreview came online Saturday, so you can read what we thought here.

As I said besides the physical books mentioned I read some e-books. One of them I already owned, but the other three I was given to review. I am still new to this, but it’s a lot of fun to do and I am learning as I go.


Archer’s Voice – Mia Sheridan

I saw that a few friends had read this book recently and the description of this story caught my eye. This was such a beautiful book that gives you an emotional rollercoaster while reading it. Archer experienced some very traumatic things as a young boy and Mia Sheridan describes this in such an amazing way. I love that you read a few chapters from his point of view when he’s just a boy. It gives you more information to understand his situation. I thought it was so moving that a stranger he didn’t know who took the time and effort to get to know him could open him up to so many new things and help him grow. I definitely recommend this book.

Melody’s Key – Dallas Coryell

Until recently I didn’t know this book exsisted, haha. Before Isabelle and I decided to start this blog I was approached by this author on Instagram. He was wondering if I was accepting review requests. I was honest that I really had never reviewed anything other than giving stars on Goodreads, but that I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot. He sent me the book and I really enjoyed this story. I wrote a review and the author even offered to answer my questions after I had mentioned a few things that bugged me about the book. He was very friendly and it was a good book. I highly recommend it. I will have to post my review on the blog soon.

A Change of View – Freya Barker

The whole setting in Canada with cabins and water really sucked me in. I would love to visit a place like that someday. When I just started reading I had a hard time connecting with the main character. I think it was difficult, because she is a bit older than me and has two kids who are only a few years younger than me. Once there was more background story and there was more interaction this book really got me. I flew through it and really enjoyed the story. This was the second standalone in the series and I think I will be looking to get the other books in this series as well. I really like the way this author writes.


Refusing to Fall – G. L. Moore

This book turned out to be a lot different than I expected. After reading what this book was about I was very interested. The beginning started out really good as well and I loved how the author writes. About halfway through I started wondering how she was going to wrap everything up before the end of the book, because the pacing was becoming a bit slow. Unfortunately it ended very open and there is no news about another book in this series. This was rather disappointing, because none of the questions you have about this story are answered. I also felt that the main character didn’t show much development. This story had a lot of potential, but it just didn’t work for me.

All In – Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Okay, so after I took all my pictures and started writing this wrap up I was able to finish another book. I didn’t expect this, so you just get a picture from the internet instead of my actual book. I am a big fan of Criminal Minds, so it was a no brainer whether I would read this series or not when Isabelle suggested it. I flew through the first two book, just as I did this one. I think reading 80 pages in about an hour during my commute to work proves that I really liked it. I think this one is the best so far and I can’t wait to see what The Naturals do in the last book.

That is what I read this month. I am hoping for a better reading month in October!


I didn’t really have a great reading month either. I finished 4 books, including a novella and a comic haha.  They were all stories I really enjoyed though! So it may not have been much, quality wise it was still a good month. I included my ereader since that is where I read 1 of the books and the novella on. Let’s are a closer look at the stories I finished this month.

Tower of Dawn – Sarah J. Maas 

Yesterday we posted our buddy review of Tower of Dawn, you can read it here if you missed it. I started this one right away and couldn’t put it down! I enjoyed it immensely and can’t wait until we get the last one. I won’t say to much about it today, I would recommend reading our review 😉

Saga volume 1 – Brian K. Vaughan

I bought this comic in America after hearing some great things about it.  I read it in one sitting and really enjoyed it. The art work is amazing and in a style that I like a lot. The overall plot was interesting but also felt like it was setting up for this big and intriguing story. There were quite some smaller storylines introduced as well, so we didn’t get too much for each part of the story but what we did get I loved. Can’t wait to get my hands on the next volume.

Until Friday Night – Abbi Glines

This book caught my eye quite a while ago and this month I finally picked it up! I’m not that big on contemporary novels but I do like to read them every now and then. I’ve been wanting to pick up a sports romance type of book for so long and I’m so happy I finally did it. I was a bit scared at first that the main characters problems would be ‘fixed’ by a boy or by being in love but it was written really well and the problems weren’t magically fixed. I also loved the characters, both the main ones and the side characters. I’m super excited to read more about the side characters in the rest of the series.

Night of Cake and Puppets – Laini Taylor

This novella is part of the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy (that I still need to finish). And is about a night that was mentioned in the second book I think. It’s the night of Zusanna’s first date with her now boyfriend and it was super cute. I breezed through it and was so happy to be back in this world. It really made me want to pick up the last book in the series as soon as possible.

I wasn’t sure at first why I had read only 4 books even tough I read them all super fast. Then I remembered that I also read over 150 pages in both Stalking Jack the Ripper and Outlander 2. I will definitely finish that first book soon, so here’s to hoping for a better reading month in October. I have a ton of books I want read this fall so let’s see how much I’ll actually read!

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