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There are so many great tags out in the bookblogging world that it was pretty hard to decide which one I wanted to do today! I looked at a couple of tags over at some friends blogs and found the Gilmore Girls Booktag again, I did this one last year over on my Dutch blog but I really wanted to do it again for you guys! As I said then, Gilmore Girls is one of my three all time favorite tv shows and my love for it will never ever die.ย 

So two friends of mine already did this tag, they blog in Dutch but you might want to check them out! Kwante in Wonderland and Het Leven van een Boekenworm, go give them some love ๐Ÿ˜‰ And now, lets get started with those questions!

Lorelai: a character with a witty or sarcastic kind of humor

If you have read last Tuesday’s TTT you’ll know I love witty and sarcastic characters! So the only hard thing about this question is picking just one haha. While writing this, I’m also realising how many character I missed on that list! Even though I only had to pick 10… For now I’ll go with Will Herondale from the Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare.

Rory: your favorite classic

I don’t really read classics to be honest! I really enjoyed Sherlock Holmes, does that count as a classic? And I recently bought Black Beauty so I’ll be reading that one soon (or so I hope), and I have a feeling that might be my new fav!

Luke: a book you secretly love but are afraid to admit

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There aren’t that many books that I wouldn’t admit loving, but there’s one I don’t mention that often… I actually really enjoyed Harry Potter and the Cursed Child but it seems that opinion is not shared by most Potterheads. Some call themselves purists and try to deny the Cursed Child exists haha. I usually just don’t say I liked it, but I was so happy being back in that world and visiting places and people we know and love <3

Lane: a musical character

August Flynn <3 I loved This Savage Song & Our Dark Duet by VE Schwab and August played a big part in me loving it. He’s a monster that plays the violin beautifully but can’t really play for anyone. When he does, he steals your soul! Now doesn’t that sound like an amazing story?

Dean: your first booklove (book or character)

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First off, I never really liked Dean, oops.. I’ve always been a Jess girl myself altough I also loved Logan. But never Dean haha. Now we’ve got that clarified, lets get back to the question ๐Ÿ˜‰ My first book boyfriend is someone most of you probably won’t know, it’s Simon from the serie Romana & Ragebol. The books are originally from Germany I think, and I’ve read them all in Dutch. Simon was a handsome, kind, smart guy that was quite talented at horseriding, so obviously I was in love with him! I reread the books a couple of years ago and I still loved them (and Simon!) haha.

Sookie: a book you devoured

Okayyyy, there are sรณ many books I devoured! If I’m in the zone I can stay up all night and finish a book in 1 or 2 sittings. The last book I devoured was Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas, once I got to a certain point I just kept reading until I finished the book! I loved the book so much and can’t wait till we get the last installment. I will definitely do a reread of the complete series before then.

Jess: a book you love that gets the most hate

Look at that dissapointed face! How can you not love him?
I feel like Cassandra Clare’s books get quite some hate, mostly from people that feel like she’s exploiting our love for the Shadowhunter world and that she should stop writing in the same world over and over. I however, love this world, can’t get enough of it, will keep on reading about it as long as Cassie writes compelling stories. Although I have to admit I still need to finish Lady Midnight and start Lord of Shadows, oops..

Miss Patty: a book that was ruined by the hype

For me personally I think Caraval was somewhat ruined by the hype, I had really high expectations and it just couldn’t deliver. I was expecting an AMAZING read and thought it was only so an so. A book that was ruined by the hype in general is probably Red Queen. I bought it at the airport when it was released recently, I hadn’t heard anyone talk about it yet and I absolutely loved it. Then came the hype and so many negative reviews. I think everyones expectations were pretty high and that just ruined the book unfortenately. I didn’t really like the second book but want to read the third one as soon as possible. The title for the fourth and last book was just released and I’m excited to find out what thats all about!

Emily Gilmore: an expensive book

My two most expensive books are the illustrated versions of Harry Potter. I’ve got the first two and can’t wait till the third one is released. It’s already on my christmas wishlist! They are absolutely stunning, the art work is amazing and I want to own all of them.

Paris: an uptight character

I haven’t read about that many uptight characters, or at least I can’t remember them haha. The only one that comes to mind is Scarlet from Caraval. She’s pretty uptight and I didn’t really care for her to be honest. I do think she’s the way she is because of the society in her world and her upbringing but still. Not one of my favorite characters at all!

That was the last question! I loved doing this tag again, I just reread my answers from the first time and realised that most answers where identical haha. Guess my opinion hasn’t changed much from last year. Did you use to watch Gilmore Girls? And are you team Dean, Jess, or Logan? Let me know in the comments!

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