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Last week I got my YA Chronicles box from Australia! It was the Tower of Dawn special <3 It took a while to get here unfortunately, but it was so worth the wait. It obviously included Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas (I opted for the paperback), but what else was in there? Read on to find out!


I could hardly contain myself long enough to take pictures when I finally got my box. A couple of my friends already got theirs and were super happy with the contents. I avoided social media for over a week out of fear for spoilers haha. The pictures above show the box and the first look I got when I opened it. YA Chronicles always includes a spoilercard and a bookmark that goes with the box. I never look at the spoilercard until I’ve seen al goodies (once again; afraid of spoilers, haha).

foto ketting

The first item I grabbed out of the box was this amazing necklace by Belle Regalia. I love the purple background inside the pendant and obviously the quote! ‘You must enter where you fear to tread’. This is a quote from Tower of Dawn and I’m so happy that they were able to use quotes from this installment. I already finished the book (you can expect a review this Saturday) and just reading this quote takes me back to the book and the things it made me feel.

foto boekenlegger

The next item was this beautiful bookmark by Read and Wonder. Once again a beautiful background, the blue fits the book perfectly. And another perfect quote; ‘If he had not broken, then I would not break’. I absolutely loved this book so seeing all these quotes just makes me super happy.

foto tattoo

The next item is something I would probably never buy myself but was always super intrigued about. It’s a temporary tatoo from Book Mark’d! It looks stunning and has quite some details. I’m not sure if and when I’ll be using this, mostly because you can only use it once. For now it looks very pretty just sitting on my shelfs 😉

foto kaars

The next item might be my favorite! It’s a delicious smelling candle by Novel Scents + Co. It’s called Nesryn and smells like blackcurrent, plum, lemon zest and leather. I might have a small bookish candle addiction (and yes you probably might expect an article about this soon haha), so this item is right up my alley. Apart from the amazing smell I also really like the color of the candle.

foto tas

Next up was this amazing tote bag by Blu Bear Bazaar. I feel like I’m repeating myself but yes, this has another great quote from the book. ‘A kernel of hope , the most dangerous of all weapons’. This just makes me want to read the book again!! The design on this tote is amazing, it’s a bit dark and I just love it, I stared at it for so long haha.

foto fanart

The last goodie included in the box was this adorable fan art of young Dorian and Chaol <3 Dorian is probably one of my absolute favorite characters in this series and might be my number one fictional crush. I love any and all things featuring him 😉 I also really like the friendship between Dorian and Chaol so I’m super happy with it! The artist is the talented Taratjah, she also works with Fairyloot every month and I love everything she makes.

foto boek

And of course the book was included in this box! I think this cover is absolutely stunning. I know there are quite some people who don’t really like this cover, but the details are amazing and so much more meaningful after reading the book. Sarah thinks of everything and plans everything so how can you not love a cover she approved!

overzicht foto

All in all I think this was an amazing box and I’m super happy I ordered it. Last May I got the ACOWAR special box and I will probably order more specials in the future. The price is definitely good, even when including overseas shipping it wasn’t too bad. So check them out and follow the YA Chronicles on Instagram to stay updated for any future boxes. Do you order book boxes like this? Did you get this one? What was your fav item?

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