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I remember seeing the trailer for this new show the 100 and immediately being interested in it. That was probably about 4,5 years ago and I’m still super excited about this show. After seeing Imagine Dragons perform Radioactive live I was taken back to that pilot episode right away. Since we have to wait until April the 24th I decided to rewatch all the episodes <3 I need to talk about this experience haha, but be prepared, there will be SPOILERS! Don’t read on if you haven’t watched all the episodes of season 1-4 because I will be talking about everything haha. This was becoming a pretty long Fangirl rant so I decided to split it in 2. The first part is today and is all about season 1&2. But there will still be spoilers about the other seasons as well! Enjoy reading if you do!

Season 1

Great seeing how far all our beloved characters have come. Can’t hate Kane and Murphy anymore after knowing what’s to come haha. I just to hate them with a passion in that first season until slowly I started to care about them. And even though they’re horrible in that first season I just can’t hate them haha. A person I never really liked was Jaha, and this time around I simply hated him! The whole city of light storyline was my least favourite out of all of them and obviously I blame Jaha 😉 so I guess in this first season he’s the person I like least of all. He might be my least favourite in the whole show!

There are so many beloved characters in this first season that I just know won’t make it. This made me so incredibly sad but at the same time it was amazing seeing them again. I did cry a lot during this first season though haha.

I still didn’t care about Wells or what happened to them but that last scene between him and Clarke was beautiful and definitely one of those moments that made me tear up.

I realized while I remember the general story there were quite some things and details I forgot about. For example, I really thought Jaha was already in that station with the 320 that died in the Calling but that wasn’t true haha. I also forgot that the 100 tried to go to the ocean before the Grounder attack in the season finale. By the way, it was interesting hearing about Lincoln talk about Luna and telling them to go there. By now we all know Luna 😉

The one person that gave me the most feelings is Finn. I’m a massive Finn fangirl and knowing what’s about to happen to him just broke my heart again. I loved him with Clarke and the more episodes I watch the closer I get to THAT moment… I wanted to watch super fast and super slow at the same time. Second season Finn is thé thing I would change about this show haha.

Octavia has become such a badass character so it was really weird seeing her in those first episodes haha. But I love seeing her development again. Although I’m already scared for that last episode with Lincoln. Really hate the ‘Skypeople’ sometimes haha.

It was so much fun seeing Harper and Miller in this season. I didn’t remember them being in here, but they’ve definitely become beloved characters in the last season or so. Especially Miller is one of my favs! I’m not surprised I never noticed Harper in this first season, she wasn’t that noticeable but it was fun seeing them there.

I totally forgot about Anya! Still have mixed feelings about her haha. But the ending she got was definitely not the ending she deserved.

I remember watching that season finally and hating having to wait so long for season 2. So happy I got to start the next episode right away this time around 😉

Season 2

I got kinda nauseas thinking about what’s to come this season. As I said, I absolutely love Finn and the decisions he made this season aren’t the best… and knowing the consequences is the worst thing ever.

Jasper is such a cutie in this season, he was still so innocent. I liked him with Maya and I wish she could’ve been saved. Seeing him like this also makes my heart hurt for who he’ll become and those last episodes of season 4.

as I mentioned before, I forgot a lot of details, one of those is the fact that Kane and Jaha are both prisoners in episode 5 and that’s how they got back together. I was trying to remember how Murphy ended up with Jaha but it’s getting more clear now. I guess I forgot about it because that’s right before Finn goes completely crazy.

The scene with Finn massacring the village was honestly less hard to watch compared to what I was expecting. While it was horrible what happened it also shows what war can make of us. Finn was never violent in the first season and always tried to save everyone. But being so scared for everyone you love and with the information he had… I love that this show makes you think about how far you would go in these kinds of situations. While it’s easy to say what you would do now I don’t think you can ever predict that. I also thought it was a bit harsh how Clarke reacted to him at first, considering what she’ll do before the season is over 😉 I’m happy they had some good talks before it was too late though.

so I thought Miller and Harper were getting more important in the later seasons but I guess I was wrong about that haha. I never noticed they were one of the key characters in the amount Weather revolt haha.

LEXA! So happy to see her again <3 I love our introduction with her. But from this point on I’m getting more and more annoyed with Jaha. I could do without him easily. The only good thing he ever did was ‘sacrificing’ himself to get the Ark back to the ground.

And then there is the episode ‘spacewalker’, oh my poor babies. Those were some though decisions and the first time around I never guessed the outcome. In my mind Finn and Clarke had this epic romance, turns out a lot of the time they were actually at odds. I guess it was that final scene that made it epic, “Thanks Princess”. I cried the first time around and I cried my eyes out rewatching this again!

For one or two episodes I still had hope Finn actually survived, I really thought Clarke’s blade was poisoned and he was just paralyzed haha. I’ve seen it happen in movies so it wasn’t that crazy haha, unfortunately it didn’t happen this time around. Like I said, this would probably be the thing I would change if I could change one thing. While it made sense that it happened the way it did I was so incredibly sad and I will miss Finn forever <3

I’m wondering if binge watching has made this harder or easier. Finn is definitely still on my mind since for me it happened only a couple of hours ago but the first time around there was a gap of a month between Finn dying and the show started again. After a couple of episodes there was so much happening that I couldn’t grief Finn anymore and instead had to be so scared for all the others! This time around I know what will happen so I’m just so sad for Finn. But knowing what would happen also ensured I was already grieving him before it actually happened haha. When Bellamy meets up with Jasper to save them all and tells them about the Grounderarmy Clarke has waiting, Jasper’s remark hit me right in the gut “Did Finn finally get his peace talks”. I guess in the end he did make it all happen.

This season is also the season we get to meet Indra. I obviously didn’t like her when we met her haha. Even though I now know what will happen in the seasons to come my feelings about her are mixed. She definitely a great warrior but I don’t think I can say I really liked her.

And there is Echo! Another character I didn’t notice the first time around. I obviously saw her but didn’t realise that she was the Echo that will be so important in the later seasons.

Jaha is so annoying in his quest for the City of Light but I’m liking Murphy more and more. He’s so sassy!

I really like Wick! I’m wondering what happens to him, I can’t remember seeing him in the last season or 2. I’m excited to see what happens but now I’m also kinda scared haha. I enjoy his interactions with Raven a lot. I hope she finds some happiness in season 5, she really deserves it after everything she’s been through

Another two part season finale. Another great one! That betrayal at the end of part 1 really gutted me the first time around, I was liking Lexa a lot by then. But she’s definitely right, Clarke would’ve done the same if it were the other way around. I’m really feeling for Clarke, she has been through so much and pulling that lever will haunt her forever.

I could really do without those last 5 minutes or so as they are the introduction to season 3, my least favourite season by far. It will be interesting to see what I’ll think about it when rewatching though! I’ll tell you all about it in the next Fangirl Friday.

The interesting thing about this show is that it’s all about perspective. The 100 are our protagonists and therefor the good guys in our opinion. They do so many things in the name of protecting their people but that is exactly what the Mountain Men are doing as well. And while we hate them for sacrificing, or trying to sacrifice the 48 so they can go back to the earth I would say that’s a pretty nice parallel to what the people on the Ark did. As I said before, this show really makes you think! We get another nice parallel right before the end of the season. When everyone’s back at camp Jaha and Clarke tells Bellamy she’s not coming back; “if it’s forgiveness you want, I’ll give it to you. You’re forgiven”.

May We Meet Again

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  1. I actually stopped watching the show because I knew what was coming with Lincoln. Haha and that is something I hated and I was so traumatized about it. He was my fave and him and Octavia was actually why I kept on going. But after meeting Ricky Whittle at Comic Con I really felt the need to continue the show and see it from the beginning but I just never did. He was so funny and told so many things from behind the scenes 😛 Still haven´t seen American Gods which I was supposed to do after meeting him. Oh well we can´t watch everything right. Someday I will definitely re-watch this show even if it killed of my fave characters in the first season 😛

    1. That’s so cool you got to meet him! They really do kill a lot of fan favourites haha. And somehow I’m still kinda shocked when it happens haha. I want to read American Gods before seeing it so one day it will happen haha

      1. Yes it was so much fun Ricky really is a funny person and he joked around with me all day haha gosh precious memories <3

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