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As a fan of sports romances I’m always curious to read a new one when I see it. I read her book Playing the Point last year. I did enjoy it, but there were a few things that I didn’t like. This is Ashley K. Broome’s next sports romance. Another hockey romance, but a different team this time.



I like that the author stuck to the same type of cover. It’s obvious it will be about hockey. I like that we can’t see the player’s face clearly. It leaves more to my imagination.


I read Playing the Point last year and thought it was a pleasant book, so when I got the opportunity to read the next book by Ashley K. Broome I was definitely curious. Once again, a fast easy story to read that was fun. Nathan is an American who plays for a hockey team in Vancouver and is best friends with Roman. He always hangs around Nate’s house and they have good chemistry on the ice together. When Roman is injured during a game and stays with Nate to get better, Nate’s feelings start to become more than just friends. Since his crush on a good friend from his last team, that didn’t end well, he really has never told anyone that he falls in love with a person, not a gender. He’s not really sure if he should say anything, because he doesn’t want to lose his best friend. Roman starts to get better and things get awkward. Is there a chance at more or will he lose a person that’s really close to him. To start off I have to say I love how close the players are. They will protect one another and want everyone happy. This book was also filled with a lot of humor that had me smiling while reading. I loved Nate’s sister and would’ve loved to have seen more of her. I have to say this book is better than the first one. I said in my review of Playing the Point that I thought it was too focused on the games and the technical parts of hockey. We still got a lot of that now, but not as much. There was more of a balance that I was very happy about. While I enjoyed my read, there are a few things that bugged me. I think this story would’ve had so much more emotion if we also had Roman’s POV. When things got awkward I really missed his thoughts and feelings. And while this is a short story, not much really happened. I can’t put my finger on what I was missing, but something was a little off. With all that said, I still did enjoy this book.


While I’m sitting here and typing my review, I’ve kind of realized I don’t have as much to say about the characters as I normally do. I think this is what I was missing. More about the characters. I think I would’ve liked more detail about the characters lives. To be honest, we don’t really learn much about Roman. We read a little about his mother, but nothing more than that. From what I read, I would say they are both very loyal, love their sport and would do anything for their teammates.

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This was a fast and easy read, but definitely missed something. I think it just didn’t dive deep enough into the story and the character’s lives. While Playing the Point focused more on the sport itsself, I feel like I got to know the characters better in that book.

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